Flexible Video Cystoscope

The CYF-VH is the world’s first flexible HD cysto-nephro videoscope. It provides outstanding HD NBI images with improved light output, improved deflection and a wide field of view. Its variable stiffness shaft ensures maximum patient comfort and operator control for a wide range of bladder diagnostic procedures with a particular focus on bladder cancer management.

Key benefits

High-Definition TV (HDTV)

The CYF-VH is the first of its kind to provide a high-definition image in such a small and flexible endoscope, leading to sharper resolution and better diagnostics.

New Evolution Tip

The innovative tip design increases light output by 150% compared to the former version of the scope, which enables you to accurately carry out reliable diagnosis.

Narrow Band Imaging (NBI)

HD-NBI, with a 20% increase in brightness compared to the former generation of flexible video cystoscopes, potentially enables a higher detection rate of carcinoma in situ.

The CYF-VH enables accurate and powerful cystoscopy with Narrow Band Imaging and HD visualisation. This flexible and small cystoscope maximises patient comfort due to its variable stiffness shaft that maintains control in the urethra, minimises discomfort on sensitive anatomy and allows even further bending at the distal section that minimises the potential of damage to the endoscope. Furthermore, the improved deflection of the CYF-VH offers 220° upward and 130° downward movement, enabling a wide range of exploratory and follow-up procedures including in situ bladder cancer diagnosis.

Variable stiffness shaft
For improved patient comfort, the shaft is stiffer at the proximal part to maintain control in the urethra and flexible at mid-shaft to minimise pressure on sensitive anatomy. While a distal passive bending section allows the scope to bend even further.

Improved deflection
The CYF-VH bends 10° more than its predecessor in each direction, offering 220° upward and 130° downward deflection that allows for visualisation and treatment of all areas of the bladder.

Large field of view
The wide 120° field of view provides a panoramic inspection of the entire bladder from the bladder neck.

Optical SystemField of view120°
 Direction of view0° (Forward)
 Depth of field3 ~ 50 mm
Insertion TubeDistal End Outer Diameter8.1 Fr. (ø2.7mm)
 Insertion Tube Outer Diameter16.5 Fr. (ø5.5mm)
 Working Length380 mm
Instrument ChannelInner Channel Diameter6.6 Fr. (ø2.2mm)
Bending SectionAngulation RangeUp 210° / Down 130°
Total Length 660 mm

System compatibility

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