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Latest news

  • Double your energy, enhance safety and speed:

    Double your energy, enhance safety and speed: The new Olympus THUNDERBEAT Type S with Unique Hybrid Technology now incorporates Intelligent Tissue Monitoring. It ensures the probe temperature is optimally controlled during dissections by automatically stopping the energy output of the device as soon as the tissue transection is completed. This innovation is the world’s first for ultrasonic-driven technologies. More

  • Olympus reaches milestone: Europe’s first 4K OR

    Olympus can celebrate a big success: in May, the first fully integrated 4K operation room opened its doors at KBC Sestre Milosrdnice hospital in Zagreb, Croatia. The surgical endoscopy system VISERA 4K UHD delivers images in 4K resolution (4.096 x 2180 pixels) and Ultra HD with 3840 x 2160 pixels, providing four times more image information than Full HD. More

  • Update on the Supply of Olympus Imaging Products Following the Kumamoto Earthquakes

    Olympus Corporation itself has not suffered any direct damages due to the earthquakes, but several suppliers of parts for Olympus imaging products including interchangeable lens digital cameras, interchangeable lenses, and compact digital cameras have been affected and it is likely that this will negatively impact production and sales of Olympus imaging products. The exact scale of the impact is currently under investigation. More