We all depend on the environment and its natural resources. Therefore, we are striving to live and work in harmony with nature. To commit to a green earth, we focus on three fields of action: Employee Awareness, Operational Environment Management and Lifecycle Product Management.

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Social Responsibility - Environment

Living in harmony with our environment

Environmental Awareness Month

During the month of June, Olympus employees go green and can experience how little individual steps of action can make a big difference for the environment. Over the course of the whole month, employees are invited to try out environmentally friendly products (such as electric cars), receive tips about sustainability in everyday life and participate in other services and activities.

To achieve this goal, we subsequently optimize the energy efficiency of all operational processes.

Furthermore, we take efforts to reduce water consumption and minimize the use of chemicals with high greenhouse gas impact. All energy used at the Olympus Europa headquarters and at the Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe sites already comes from renewable sources. With our new Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe manufacturing complex and the new Olympus Campus, we aim to reach the “German Gold Standard” – a further milestone in terms of energy efficiency.

Furthermore, Olympus is participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project, which runs a global disclosure system that enables companies to measure and manage their environmental impact. Companies can voluntarily take part in it. With our participation in the project, we at Olympus are striving to obtain the top “Level A” ranking among the participating companies. Key success factors for a top ranking are:

  • completeness of energy data reporting and
  • improvement of energy efficiency.

In the context of this project we are using a specific monitoring tool named Green Globe to gather our environmental data. The tool helps us to stay on the right track: it creates a reliable basis of information for continuous improvement.

Global CSR website

Lifecycle product management

Improving our ecological balance throughout the entire value chain is a goal for us. We pay great attention to select the right raw materials and make sure that e.g. steel waste is melted to be re-used. We strive to develop innovative, long lasting and re-usable products to minimize our ecological footprint and improve our ecological balance throughout the whole value chain. Our packaging is either recyclable or made from renewable sources.

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