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We are certain that the experience and expertise of our employees can help young adults on their future paths. Not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to education and careers. Our local activities therefore focus on making it easier for young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to access the labor market, and support them on their career paths.

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Smoothing the way into the labor market

To nurture and build the talent and skills of young people Olympus UK & Ireland helps support students identified by their schools as high achievers overcome barriers to participation so they can remain in education .

We collaborate with local schools situated within economically disadvantaged areas of Southend, to improve young people’s life chances and make University, College or Apprenticeship study accessible.

The Olympus Bursary scheme takes place annually and we stay in contact with the students following students’ progress up to, and including, when they secure a job.

Future Careers - Joblinge 2

During a six-month program, JOBLINGE participants (aged 16 to 25) undertake various internships and training sessions that support them in gaining access to the working world. Moreover, they regularly meet with their mentors—an adult with an established career—who is ready to lend an ear and offers hands-on advice.

Every participant in the JOBLINGE program has a clear goal in sight: to find a job and obtain a vocational qualification. With great personal commitment and work on all sides, approximately 80 per cent of all JOBLINGE participants successfully enter the world of work. For this impressive track record, in 2016 JOBLINGE received the PHINEO label, which recognizes effective projects and high-performing organizations.

But it’s not only the JOBLINGE participants that benefit from the program. By supporting young people, many mentors have been able to expand their own networks, gain new perspectives, improve their conversational or coaching skills while also learning more about themselves.

Olympus has been a shareholder and founding partner of JOBLINGE gAG since September 2014 and started as a mentoring partner in 2016. We encourage our employees to act as mentors at JOBLINGE to share their experience and knowledge with young adults and simultaneously develop their own skills in their role as a mentor.

Find out more about JOBLINGE here.

© MUT academy

The MUT Academy has partner schools all over Hamburg. Students who receive a MUT Academy grant receive support as they prepare for their school leaving examinations. Multi-day camps covering topics such as vocational guidance or job application training help young people gradually enter the world of work. Workshops, team-building activities and personal advice open up new perspectives. Support and advice are provided right up to the end of the probationary period for the training.

Olympus has been supporting the MUT Academy organization since the start of 2022. We are also always looking for talented junior employees and therefore fully believe in the importance of the work and contribution of the MUT Academy.

Find out more about the MUT Academy here.

Promoting talent, fostering innovation

We believe in the power of innovation and want to foster intelligent ideas. In order to drive forward scientific progress, we foster young talent in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

In order to initiate permanent contact between Japanese and German schools and to inform about the role of Japan in the field of STEM education, the Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB) has set up the JDZB Science Youth Program for German-Japanese student exchanges. The program is aimed at secondary schools in Germany with Japanese-language classes, as well as all STEM and STEM-friendly schools—those with a strong focus on natural sciences. Projects on science or technical themes are to be planed and developed further with a correspondingly oriented partner school in Japan.

Olympus provides support to the program and thereby aims not only to support intercultural exchange but also the scientific-technical projects the high school students are taking part in.

Learn more about the Japanese-German Center Berlin here.

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