Our Guiding Principles

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What we focus on

We aim to address relevant societal challenges to generate positive outcomes for beneficiaries and for the communities we operate in. By practicing an impact-oriented CSR approach, we want to use our expertise and leverage our unique strengths as a company to create beneficial opportunities for all parties involved. We are giving back to society through, for example, donations, grants and other contributions based on our core competencies.

Reflecting to our business divisions Medical Systems, Consumer Products and Scientific Solutions, we prioritize our CSR activities within the following areas of focus: Healthcare, Natural Sciences, Future Careers and Environment.


As a global company, Olympus also takes account of global guidelines such as ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility. In 2004, the Olympus Corporation joined UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative to create a global framework for corporate sustainability with universal principles on human rights, labor (especially labor rights and protection), environment and anti-corruption. In it, companies can contribute to good corporate citizenship and sustainable growth through responsible and creative leadership. Global Compact principles are incorporated into our Corporate Conduct Charter and Code of Conduct and reflected in our business activities and organization. We remain committed to complying with the Global Compact’s ten basic principles on issues including human rights, labor and anti-corruption.

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