Opportunities for High School Students

For many years, Olympus has been providing top quality training in pioneering professional fields. Read on to find out more about our apprenticeship and dual-study programs.

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High School Students

Will you be taking your high-school diploma soon? Perhaps you've already got it in the bag? Are you now looking to enter the right profession for you? Do you work well independently and are you passionate about your work? Are you open-minded, responsible, and committed? Are you looking for a working environment characterized by a sense of team spirit and respect? Does all of this apply to you? If so, you could be exactly what we’re looking for!

Choose a profession with a future

Apprenticeships at Olympus

  • Wholesale/export specialist, specializing in export markets
  • Office administration specialist
  • Electronics technician for devices and systems

Are you interested in pursuing a pioneering career within an internationally successful company? If so, take a closer look at our “Learn Running” apprenticeship concept. During your apprenticeship, you will work in a variety of departments, taking responsibility for important tasks and getting to know the specific workflows and diverse business areas at Olympus. You will gain important, practical knowledge through a series of training sessions and workshops, as well as software and foreign languages courses. High-performing apprentices will also be invited to spend several weeks at one of our European sites.

Twice the success

Dual Study Programs at Olympus

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Applied Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Information Technology

The dual-study programs at Olympus offer you considerable advantages, including excellent teaching and learning conditions, direct practical experience, and project-oriented professional training, all within an internationally successful company. We will cover the costs of your studies and give you the opportunity to study abroad for up to six months. Moreover, you will be able to make valuable contacts among our highly experienced experts.

Dual study provides the ideal combination of theory and practice. You will be using the knowledge that you gain at the Nordakademie in Elmshorn in your daily work at Olympus. At the same time, your work will help you better understand what you are studying and give your learning a practical context. In this way, the study and practical elements of the apprenticeship complement each other perfectly.

The study program lasts for seven semesters. During this time, you will work in a range of different specialist departments at Olympus and will develop an in-depth knowledge of at least two national and two international product areas.

Introduction to the company

High School Internships

Before your apprenticeship with us really gets started, you will get to know Olympus and the other new apprentices at the “Apprenticeship Taster Day”. Former apprentices will show you round the business and become “mentors” for the new entrants, ensuring that everyone has a contact from the previous round of apprentices to provide them with individual help and advice.

Top-class support

The Staff Development team takes care of all the organizational aspects of your apprenticeship. They lay the foundations for a high-quality apprenticeship experience by appointing committed training staff and ensuring that you are always supported as well as possible.

Apprenticeship managers and apprentices meet each month at regular “Apprentice Meetings” where, among other things, there is the opportunity to discuss overarching issues and to assign projects to apprentices.

Project work

Independent work is very important at Olympus. Therefore, you will be heavily involved in project work, as appropriate for your level of knowledge and performance. You will also be required to take on specific tasks in your respective department. In addition, you will participate in cross-departmental projects.

Apprenticeship projects

In addition to the work in different departments, we regularly assign cross-departmental projects to our apprentices and dual students. These will be arranged independently by the project group in consultation with the Staff Development team. These projects are designed to give you the opportunity to develop and test your skills beyond the work of your department.

Foreign placements

Some of our apprenticeships s include the opportunity to spend several weeks working at one of our European subsidiaries. Students at the Nordakademie who perform well enough can complete their entire fifth semester abroad.

The area of responsibility will be closely coordinated by the Staff Development team and the subsidiary company. For foreign placements in non-English speaking countries, apprentices are always required to have a good command of the language in question, in addition to our corporate language of English. Read more about our apprentices’ experiences here.

Introduction to the company

Professional training during your apprenticeship

As one of our apprentices, you will benefit from an intensive program of continuing professional development. You will visit important exhibitions, such as Medica and Photokina, and take part in a range of internal seminars and workshops. To ensure you are as well-prepared as possible for your examinations, we will provide you with appropriate courses at an external institute.

In addition to this, we support and guide you in your general professional development. We place great emphasis on gaining interdisciplinary qualifications through workshops and training events on team building and communication, as well as through apprenticeship coaching sessions run by trainers and the Staff Development team.


Olympus aims to recruit new talent from among its apprentices. However, there is no automatic guarantee of employment at the end of your apprenticeship. Above all, the decision to offer you a permanent job will be based on your performance. We will give you ample opportunity to prove your abilities in a wide range of departments and to make a positive lasting impression.

Further training following your apprenticeship

If you are offered a permanent position, you will continue to have access to attractive continuing professional development opportunities. With the agreement of your department, you will be able to start a further qualification (for instance, in export business administration or financial controlling). (Olympus will bear the costs of this, but would expect you to complete the respective course successfully.)

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3. Invitation to a selection day, if your profile matches our requirements.

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