Hamburg, 08/29/2019 | Press Release | Camera & Audio Olympus launches global brand campaign for the camera business: “Break Free from heavy gear”

To mark the 100th anniversary of their company founding, Olympus launches a global brand campaign highlighting the key user benefits of their digital camera & lens line-up: 1) A compact & lightweight camera system allowing its users to move freely without the burden of a large, heavy-weight set-up. 2) Powerful image stabilization for hand-held shooting of crisp, clear and bright images – even in low light. 3) An ever-growing line-up of pristine lenses with world-class optical performance allowing for great image quality and edge-to-edge sharpness. The “Break Free” campaign, which focuses on digital, point of sale and selected print placements will be rolled out worldwide and was built to bring Olympus’ brand promise to customers in an authentic and emotional way.

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Break Free from heavy gear with Olympus

The Olympus camera system challenges conventional ideas about size and functionality. Since the launch of the first Olympus PEN camera in 1959, one of the main concepts in Olympus’ development efforts was to introduce cameras that are both easy to carry at all times and suited to shooting pictures in everyday life while still being valued for their image quality by professional photographers.

This heritage continues and is celebrated in the “Break Free” campaign that marks Olympus 100th Anniversary in 2019. The campaign was designed to deliver the Olympus camera & lens brand promise via digital ads, video, print and at the POS.

Compact & lightweight:
Freedom to be more creative

Olympus users enjoy photography without a camera system weighing them down. Often under half the size and weight of other interchangeable lens systems, Olympus cameras and lenses deliver image quality valued by the world’s top pros.

Powerful image stabilization:
Always clear and sharp and vibrant – all handheld.

Olympus’ acclaimed in-body image stabilization allows for an unprecedented handheld shooting experience by compensating for all camera movement. The result? Crisp, clear, detailed images –even in low light. No tripod needed. With other systems, even slight camera shake can lead to blurry photos and jerky video.

World class optical performance:
Pro-grade precision with edge-to-edge sharpness

A camera system is only as good as the lenses in use. Olympus’ M.Zuiko lenses provide the highest resolving power to ensure all images are bright and colourful with edge-to-edge sharpness and detail. The M.Zuiko line-up includes the complete range of lenses from a small pancake zoom to ultra-bright pro primes and high-powered telephoto zooms.

Seeing is believing

Images speak louder than words and there are more and more stunning photographs from the many talented photographers that have made the switch to Olympus. Discover how they decided to “Break Free” and re-ignite real enjoyment in their photography by visiting our new dedicated brand page:

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