Hamburg, 02/12/2020 | Press Release | Camera & Audio New Olympus audio recorder VP-20 captures voice and sound in superb quality

Sleek audio recorder with one-touch recording for easy operation

With the VP-20, Olympus today introduces a new pen-type sound recorder to their line-up of audio and dictation devices. With a high-performance omnidirectional stereo microphone and a “rustling noise filter” as well as fast activation at the slide of a switch, users can casually record voices and surrounding sound with clear quality even from their pocket.

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Made for digital business recording, the VP-20 is discreet in design (like a pen) but offers high-quality stereo recording and a host of convenient features for instant operation and clear recordings.

Sleek design that can be used in a shirt pocket or bag, and equipped with innovative “Recording Scene Select” feature

The new VP-20 adopts a slim body like a pen that is convenient for recording while in a breast pocket or in a bag without distracting the speakers. The “Recording Scene Select” feature allows users to apply the most appropriate settings from a selection of four typical recording situations, including an ultra sensitive “pocket” mode.

Omnidirectional microphone reliably captures sound from any direction, upgraded anti-rustle filter reduces unwanted noise

Equipped with an omnidirectional stereo microphone that captures sound from all directions, the VP-20 can reliably record a wide range of voices – such as e.g. during a business meeting where the microphone cannot be pointed at the speaker. In addition, the upgraded anti-rustle filter automatically distinguishes voices and rustling or rubbing sounds based on the characteristics of the sound, and suppresses the unwanted sounds to achieve a clear recording.

One-touch recording and self-timer function to allow for fast and easy operations

Even when the power is off, users can start recording by sliding the REC switch on the top of the VP-20. By using the self-timer function, recording may be started automatically after 3, 5, or 10 minutes, so that users can record in a more natural atmosphere according to the situation.

Microphone / earphone jack, USB stick function and other features

Equipped with a combined external microphone / earphone jack, recording using an external microphone or telephone recording using the telephone pickup “TP8” is possible. Via its USB terminal, the VP-20 can exchange data with PCs without cables or software and the battery may be charged.

Further handy features include a noise cancel function, transcription and language learning modes as well as different options to adjust microphone sensitivity and filters to clearly record voices. More information at

Availability & pricing

The Olympus VP-20 will be available from early March in black or white at RRP1 of 99 EUR at selected retailers or via the Olympus online shop.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check the Olympus website at for the latest specifications.

1 Recommended Retail Price.

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