Hamburg, 08/04/2020 | Press Release | Medical Systems Olympus Europa and Broncus Medical, Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership for Exclusive Distribution of Navigation Solutions

Olympus Europa (Olympus) has closed a new strategic partnership with Broncus Medical to exclusively distribute a part of Broncus’ Archimedes® navigation solution in several European countries. While demand for peripheral bronchoscopy increases, this partnership provides pulmonologists with a complete solution for diagnosis of in peripheral lung cancer.

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The recently signed agreement grants Olympus exclusive distribution rights for Broncus Medical’s Archimedes® Planner and Archimedes® Lite Virtual Bronchoscopic Navigation (VBN) system in several European countries – effective July 1, 2020.

Growing demand for peripheral bronchoscopy

The agreement represents a significant step towards both companies' goal of advancing diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary nodules at a time when Europe is moving towards earlier detection of lung cancer, with more advanced computed tomography (CT) technology and upcoming lung cancer screening programs in several European countries.

Europe’s largest lung cancer screening trial, the Nelson trial, demonstrates that more than 73% of lesions are found in the periphery (outer third) of the lung. Therefore, physicians have an increasing need to be able to access, identify, and confirm as well as sample lesions located in the periphery.i

Partnership helps complete portfolio for pulmonologists

Olympus' peripheral bronchoscopy portfolio – the slim BF-P190 bronchoscope, ultra-slim BF-MP190F bronchoscope, radial EBUS miniprobe for location confirmation, guide sheath kit, and dedicated peripheral sampling devices – together with Broncus Medical's navigation platform offer a complete solution to pulmonologists for peripheral lung cancer diagnosis.

“Procedure planning and real-time navigation combined with Olympus’ unique portfolio for peripheral lung cancer diagnosis optimally prepare pulmonologists for diagnosing small peripheral nodules in the early diagnosis of lung cancer,” says Dr. Harald Dremel, Head of Medical Endoscopy Business at Olympus Europa.

“The partnership enables both companies to enhance the early diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary nodules ideally resulting in a significant reduction in mortality due to advanced stage lung cancer”, comments Todd Cornell, President of Broncus Medical, Inc./Uptake Medical Technology, Inc.

Better prepared bronchoscopy, faster biopsies

Olympus’ slim and ultra-slim bronchoscopes allow pulmonologists to easily reach and access pulmonary nodules located deep in the periphery of the lungs. Adding the planning and navigation solutions of Broncus Medical may now enable pulmonologists to locate and reach peripheral pulmonary nodules even faster.

“Using the virtual bronchoscopic animation and three-dimensional views helps us better prepare for bronchoscopy and complete biopsies faster than before”, says Prof. Felix JF Herth, Chairman and Head of the Department of Pneumology and Critical Care Medicine at the Thoraxklinik at Heidelberg University Hospital. “For some colleagues, a hurdle to start with peripheral nodule diagnosis has always been the lack of comfort in knowing precisely and quickly where to find and access lesions in the periphery of the lungs. A navigation solution combined with Olympus’ ultra-slim scopes, ultrasound miniprobe and dedicated flexible sampling devices provides us a complete solution for PPN diagnosis, providing more confidence in the procedure and less time needed to perform biopsies.”

The strategic partnership with Broncus Medical underscores Olympus’ leadership in endoscopic diagnosis and staging of lung cancer based on a broad portfolio of dedicated bronchoscopes and sampling devices. These tools contribute significantly to improving efficiency and facilitating the provision of high-quality patient care.

About Broncus Medical, Inc.

Broncus Medical, Inc. is dedicated to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic technology for lung disease. Founded in 2012, the company’s primary technology platforms focus on the diagnosis of lung cancer and the treatment of emphysema. Its lung cancer portfolio includes the Archimedes® System, Archimedes® Planner, Archimedes® Lite Virtual Bronchoscopic Navigation (VBN) System and FleXNeedle®. Its emphysema for treatment of patients with heterogeneous upper lobe emphysema to achieve bronchoscopic lung volume reduction by the application of heated water vapor to targeted diseased lung segment(s). The InterVapor System is not currently approved for use in the USA.

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iHoreweg N, van der Aalst CM, Thunissen E, et al. Characteristics of lung cancers detected by computer tomography screening in the randomized NELSON trial. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2013 Apr 15;187(8):848-54. Available: Accessed: July 30, 2020.

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