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Olympus Inside

Olympus reaches milestone: Europe’s first 4K OR

06/16/2016 • Olympus can celebrate a big success: in May, the first fully integrated 4K operation room opened its doors at KBC Sestre Milosrdnice hospital in Zagreb, Croatia. The surgical endoscopy system VISERA 4K UHD was introduced in fall 2015. It delivers images in 4K resolution (4.096 x 2180 pixels) and Ultra HD (UHD) with 3840 x 2160 pixels, providing four times more image information than Full HD. Surgeons will benefit from particularly sharp images.

“The VISERA 4K UHD is part of our aim to provide surgeons with even better support in their challenging and high-precision work, and to thereby help improve clinical outcomes and the quality of life for patients”, says Frank Drewalowski, Managing Director, Medical Systems Division. “We are convinced that the 4K UHD technology will become a new benchmark in surgical endoscopy.” All components in the 4K OR are perfectly aligned with each other. The boom arms allow for the 55" Big Screen (or on the 31" monitor) to be optimally placed for the 4K perfect view. Every signal – whether it’s 4K or HDTV (from the VISERA , PACS, surgical camera, room camera or others) – can be displayed on any monitor in the OR, recorded, and streamed effortlessly. Specialized blue and white lighting highlights the improved colors while improving safety and workflow during the procedures.

Sounds complex? The OR with the most advanced surgical technology is actually easier to use then a ‘standard’ OR. Everything from the various video signals, the table and the room lights to the full Olympus surgical tower are controlled from an "app based" touch screen.

At the hospital in Zagreb, Olympus’ cutting-edge technology makes Big Screen Surgery a true experience for doctors.