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Olympus Inside

Visera Elite II: “It’s exactly what us surgeons have been waiting for!”

07/06/2017 • With Visera Elite II, Olympus recently presented a new imaging platform at the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) Congress in Frankfurt, which was held June 14-17. This latest system sets new standards and delivers greater safety and precision than ever before.

Passed with flying colors

The new system was first introduced to a wider audience in March of this year at the European Association of Urology (EAS) Congress in London. In mid-June, the EAES laparoscopic congress in Frankfurt with 1,300 participants represented an extraordinary opportunity for a manufacturer to come into close contact to its target group and was therefore the perfect occasion to exhibit the new Visera Elite II imaging platform. Olympus presented the new platform with three Visera Elite II systems at its stand. Two of the systems were available for surgeons to test personally. And the test result didn’t take long to be announced: passed with flying colors!

“ It’s exactly what us surgeons have been waiting for. ”
– Prof. Dr. Tuymann from Amsterdam

What is Visera Elite II capable of?

The Visera Elite II imaging platform is compatible with a large number of diverse endoscopes and examination methods. It thereby provides optimized solutions for virtually all specialist medical disciplines. The key innovations compared to its predecessor Visera Elite include:

  • Camera control unit, light source and 3D mixer now all housed in a single case. This saves space and thereby also costs.
  • With ENDOEYE 3D, Olympus is the world’s only manufacturer providing a rigid 3D endoscope with a 30° view and integrated image rotation.
  • ENDOEYE 3D is now autoclavable and can therefore now be integrated in the existing disinfection processes of hospitals. Until now, separate cleaning procedures were required for this purpose.
  • With Narrow Band Imaging (NBI), a filter technology deployed in diagnostics and infrared (IR), which helps make blood vessels, lymph nodes or intestinal perforations, for example, more visible during surgery, Visera Elite incorporates two cutting-edge, forward-looking imaging modalities that ensure enhanced patient safety.
  • For the first time, Visera Elite II enables everything (3D, 2D, IR and NBI) to be available in the one system. Moreover, it is easier to use and requires significantly less training than its predecessor.

The future of laparoscopy is 3D

No wonder then that the platform caused quite a stir among congress visitors. Prof. Tuymann (VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands) is delighted: “It’s exactly what us surgeons have been waiting for.”

The key topic at the congress was 3D. Diba Kabir, Product Manager Imaging & LAP Urology, is convinced: “It is of particular significance that with Visera Elite II, we already have a 3D system of the future that is available today.”

With ENDOEYE 3D, Olympus not only delivers an endoscope that is unique in the world. Integrated image rotation additionally ensures that despite the 30° angle, the operator never loses the horizon and therefore never loses the overview. Furthermore, the 3D effect has been optimized overall. Statistically, around 10% of all people have difficulties with 3D effects. However, the Olympus procedure now makes it easier for these people to see 3D images. A survey of doctors revealed that the majority experienced the 3D behavior with Visera Elite II to be significantly more pleasant than with its predecessor.

Olympus also picked up on the subject at its stand and installed a very popular photo box in which visitors could take a playful step closer to the topic of “orientation in 3D space” (see photo). 118 congress visitors dived into the 3D world at the Olympus stand and let themselves be photographed in the process. Not least due to this photo box could the number of generated leads be increased by more than 200% compared to the previous year: around 50% of the total number of 177 leads were generated via the photo box.

The positive feedback instills Diba Kabir with a real sense of optimism for the future of the new system: “With Visera Elite II, Olympus provides a portfolio that no other competitor currently has. This fills us with eager anticipation of gaining a greater share of the market relatively quickly.”

A start towards achieving this goal has been made. Despite Visera Elite II only being available on the market for a short time, it has already been sold 40 times.


Visera Elite II