Facilitation of Training Courses

The Olympus Professional Education network organizes face-to-face training courses in Olympus-owned training centers and in partner hospitals. The global COVID-19 pandemic necessitates changes when conducting face-to-face Medical Expert Training and Sales Training courses brought to you by Olympus Professional Education and Training & Education.

To ensure a safe learning and training environment Olympus and its training managers are taking the steps recommended by the WHO, the RKI, and the ESGE to reduce the risk of infection. We ensure that all training course venues follow the hygiene rules and that the required measures are incorporated into the course organization. This includes any necessary changes to the venues themselves.

  • Attendance will be limited, so everyone can realistically adhere to social-distancing measures. A limit on the number of participants in one room will be imposed depending on its size.
  • Olympus will provide the necessary PPE to all participants, and inform them in advance of what will be included. Throughout the training session nose and mouth protection (mask) without valve is mandatory except where a distance of 1.50 m between participants can be ensured (e.g., lecture room). All course material will be provided digitally.
  • Olympus employees continuously check updates by governments and health-care organizations as well as internal communication to adjust to the latest developments.

We are looking forward to a valuable training experience, and we are there for you for all COVID-19 related requests. We are grateful for the opportunity for personal interaction with you.