Laparoscopic Prestige Program Elevate Your Surgical Practice and Improve Your Laparoscopic Skills in Advanced Surgery

Comprehensive and praxis-oriented modules to strengthen your surgical skills. 


Enhance Your Laparoscopic Skills With Our Laparoscopic Prestige Program (LPP)

Do you want to elevate your surgical practice and improve your laparoscopic skills for selected advanced procedures? Then apply for the Laparoscopic Prestige Program (LPP), which consists of three modules. 

How the LPP Works

Knowledge Module 1:
Pre-Learning and Virtual MET

You will attend a virtual Medical Expert Training where you will learn procedure steps with helpful tips and tricks, discuss cases in a small group, and present your own cases.

Knowledge and Skills Module 2:
Virtual-OR Shadowing

You will attend virtual live surgeries at the tutor’s hospital, an Olympus reference center. In very small groups of only two attendees, you will have the chance to practice and discuss during surgery techniques that you learned in the virtual Medical Expert Training.

Fostering Skills Module 3:
Virtual Proctorship

You will perform a procedure in your own hospital, with your tutor coaching you interactively and supporting you to shorten your learning curve.

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