Advancing the Dimension of Endosonography

The New Compact, Plug and Play Ultrasound Solution

  • Universal and compact design for ultrasound integration on a single endoscopy cart.
  • Backlit easy-to-use keyboard with touch panel and trackpad.
  • High-quality that brings real clarity to your EUS procedures.

This product may not yet be available in all countries. It can only be purchased in a specific country once all regulatory requirements of such country for making the product available on the market are met.

Competence Leadership in Endoscopic Ultrasound

Combining Advanced EUS Technology with Profound EUS Knowhow

  • Full range of ultrasound processors with advanced features for EUS image enhancement and more clarity during diagnostic and interventional EUS procedures.
  • Complete line-up of Echoendoscopes with outstanding maneuverability.
  • EUS-FNB needles with superior flexibility to obtain tissue from difficult scope positions and EUS-FNA needles with improved echogenicity for controlled sampling.

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