To ensure that your endoscope reprocessing conforms to current international or hospital-specific hygiene standards, all manual and automated reprocessing steps should be documented together with the names of the persons undertaking each step. Therefore, a comprehensive digital documentation system specific for endoscope reprocessing — like our Hytrack solution — is indispensable to reduce staff effort and avoid errors.

Your Challenge — Our Solution

Manage your reprocessing from a new perspective and take charge of the opportunity to minimize errors and maximize uptime in your day-to-day endoscope reprocessing operations. Our Hytrack software supports you in keeping track of all your manual and automated reprocessing steps, linking your endoscope pool with all connected devices and users. We help you to have the right endoscope available at the right time while adhering to regulatory or hospital-specific hygiene documentation requirements. Moreover, a system interface to Endobase or other non-Olympus documentation systems allows seamless integration into your hospital IT environment. With Hytrack, you are choosing a future-proof software solution for an efficient reprocessing workflow.

Full traceability and transparency

… enabling you to gain a comprehensive overview of the current status of your machines and endoscopes at any time.

Intuitive handling

… thanks to our touch-enabled and app-based user interface combined with RFID technology.

Accelerate your endoscope administration

… through our seamless integration of Olympus devices into our software solution.

Optimal user privacy

… given our focus on data security and GDPR requirements while helping you to meet endoscope reprocessing regulations.


Are you looking for a game changer that helps you to simplify and optimize your endoscope reprocessing documentation? Hytrack manages your reprocessing from a new perspective by enabling you to track the reprocessing status of your medical flexible endoscopes at any time, and perform and trace the correct reprocessing to meet regulatory or hospital-specific requirements. The modular structure of Hytrack allows you to select the options that best meet your department’s needs.

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How to Obtain Traceable Digital Reprocessing Documentation for the Hygiene of Your Endoscopes

The Hytrack documentation software complies with the joint position statement of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) and European Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (ESGENA). Open interfaces enable data transfer to your patient documentation systems. Curious? Have a look at our videos and find out how Hytrack facilitates documentation in the reprocessing process.

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