Endoscope Lens Cleaner System

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Endoscope Lens Cleaner System

Ear, Nose, Throat

InstaClear is an endoscope lens cleaner system that quickly and reliably cleans the lens of a rigid endoscope almost instantly during surgery without having to remove it from the nasal cavity. The system includes a console that can be mounted on a standard IV pole for easy storage and transportation in the OR, a pedal that enables handsfree activation, a tube set that irrigates and cleans the lens, a suction function that clears the lens, and a surgical-field irrigation function. Additionally, the InstaClear lens cleaning system comes with a series of easy-to-mount sheaths that accommodate 4 mm Olympus HD scopes, Olympus Ultra scopes and Storz 4 mm rigid endoscopes.

  • Time Savings
    Combined suction and irrigation for better and faster endoscope lens cleaning.
    Clear view of the surgical site at all times.
  • Patient Safety
    Cleaning without scope removal.
    Design that reduces the duration of the procedure.
  • Flexibility
    Compatibility with all 4 mm HD and Ultra Olympus endoscopes as well as 4 mm Storz endoscopes.
    0°, 30°, 45° and 70° working angles.
    Top or bottom light-cable positions.
  • Easy Handling
    Hands-free pedal activation.
    Adjustable fl ow rate for customized performance and surgical-site irrigation.

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