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FK-WO TORS - ENT Retractor for Laryngo-Pharyngoscopy

Ear, Nose, Throat

The FK-WO TORS is an ENT retractor that provides an optimal view of the operation field with a wide movement area for robotic or surgical hand instruments. Providing ample space for robotic arm placement, the FK-WO TORS allows adequate exposure in Trans-Oral Robotic Procedures (TORS). With specially developed blades, this is the only retractor system which provides exposure to the supraglottis and piriform sinuses, as well as to more difficult to reach tongue base lesions during TORS. This retractor also plays an essential role in improving and easing standard micro-laryngeal procedures and laser surgery of the upper aerodigestive tract and helps expose all relevant anatomical areas for a thorough, safe and time-saving operation. Especially in base of tongue operations, it provides outstanding exposure and advantages versus other laryngoscopes.

  • Non-tubular Design, Frame Construction with Wide Aperture
    The operating field is not restricted as is the case when using standard operation laryngoscopes.
    Ample space is provided even for robotic instrument placement in TORS.
    Movement and manipulation of instruments is facilitated.
  • Adjustable Angles of the Blades
    Upwards and downwards.
  • Forward and Backward Movement of the Blade for Deep or Less Deep Introduction
    Excellent view of the anatomic structures as the operating field can be ideally exposed.
    Head reclination only moderate.

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