How to Be Professional When the Unforeseeable Happens

Just in Case

Something unexpected comes up in the middle of a procedure and the next step or decision is not clear. Collaboration with another discipline is needed instantly!

Accelerate Your Connections

Let's start interprofessional collaboration. Help is coming, of course. But when?
The cycle of waiting starts — page, wait for callback, explain over the phone, wait for requested physician to arrive in the procedure room …

Virtual “Rescue” Strategies

Medical Virtual Presence Solution: Respond faster and more efficiently to any crisis, whenever it may come.
Invite leading specialists into your OR for best-practice sharing — to make a difference in improving patient outcomes worldwide.

Experience Medical Virtual Presence Now

Hospitals can now handle the full extent of unforeseeable complications, crises and capacity issues thanks to our virtual clinical collaboration solution MedPresence.

To enhance teamwork and expand expertise supporting optimized patient care.

It was great; we were able to do two complex robotic cases with seamless real-time video transmission to our conference center where we had 20 delegates. There were no problems with the visuals at all and we were able to ask questions freely — thanks to the Olympus team everything went really smoothly.

Mr. Ravi Barod Consultant urological surgeon at The Royal Free Hospital

This Is MedPresence

A Secure, Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Model of Surgical Care

Our virtual presence clinical collaboration solution enables teams to quickly bring needed expertise into a procedure room from across the organization, around the world and at any time.

Virtual Collaboration for Your Needs

Real Support in Real Time

Invite the world’s leading specialists into your clinical environment for real-time collaboration, via a secure virtual connection.

Daily challenges of access and support in health care, e.g. delays during procedures while seeking support.

Traditional Solution
The cycle of waiting starts — page, wait for callback, explain over the phone, wait for requested physician to arrive in the procedure room …

Medical Virtual Presence Solution
Instantly connect to the consulting doctor who sees exactly what you see and can collaborate virtually.

Fill the Room with Knowledge

Helps you and your peers securely educate trainees and students live wherever they are in the world, helping to improve the delivery of future health care.

Arranging a live case teaching session for students or colleagues down the hall or in a hotel ballroom on the other side of the world is time consuming, hard to schedule and expensive.

Traditional Solution
Work with hospital AV/IT for weeks to set up the infrastructure.

Medical Virtual Presence Solution
Collaborate virtually easily and quickly.

Smarter Communication. Secure Connections.

Safeguarding privacy for clinicians and their patients: a simpler and more secure way to virtually collaborate and teach in real time.

Equipment breaks or software malfunctions in the OR.

Traditional Solution
Spend valuable time on the phone trying to verbally work through the problem or wait for a field rep to arrive while equipment remains unusable.

Medical Virtual Presence Solution
Instantly connect to a virtual product expert who will see exactly what you see and can diagnose and solve the problem quickly.

Start your Virtual Collaboration Journey with MedPresence

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Welcome to a World of Expertise

MedPresence helps you securely collaborate with specialists and students all over the world live, helping you to make your operating room a smarter and safer space.

Clinical Benefits

  • Peer-to-peer consultancy: access to external consultants and their expertise, resulting in improved health outcomes.
  • Optimized infection control by limiting the number of experts in the physical procedure or operating room (OR).
  • Utilization of live or saved MedPresence sessions to train, educate and improve procedural techniques.
  • Support of well-informed decision-making in a critical procedure thanks to an expert opinion via virtual presence.

Economic Benefits

  • Enabling new collaboration models resulting in efficient problem-solving and increased productivity.
  • Reduced liability and costs associated with patient infection and longer lengths of stay by limiting the number of individuals in the OR.
  • Reduced travel costs for subject-matter experts needed in complex procedures.
  • Gaining access to technical support virtually and reducing the OR downtime.

Security Benefits

  • End-to-end security that includes encryption of MedPresence video streams (AES 256 encryption) and secure storage of MedPresence collaborators’ data.
  • Solution tested by industry experts to help protect against unauthorized access and use of information (Black Hills Information Security).
  • Session access only for authorized participants (e.g. multistep authentication scheme, AD integration).

Accelerate Your Surgical Skills with Telementoring

Provide mentoring and surgical excellence remotely.
Download our white paper about the future of surgical education.


The Power of EASYSUITE
Raise Your Hospital Standards

The addition of MedPresence to an EasySuite integrated OR enables clinicians to share all relevant imaging sources with remote colleagues easily and with the same high quality as if they were viewing those sources side by side in the room.

Clinical Studies

Studies underline why virtual collaboration will accelerate your surgical skills

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