Let Excellence Meet Power The Next Level of Advanced Bipolar Technology: POWERSEAL

Designed to be the best-in-class advanced bipolar technology that delivers a consistently strong vessel-sealing performance throughout the procedure.

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2 mm
longer jaw length than LigaSure Maryland for larger tissue bites7

2,8 seconds
average sealing time on vessels with a diameter of up to 7 mm​6

less squeeze force to close jaws – without sacrificing sealing strength​1

wider jaw than LigaSure Maryland for easy opening of tissue structures1

Consistently Strong Vessel Sealing throughout the Procedure

  • Vessel sealing up to and including 7 mm, including pulmonary vessels, tissue bundles, and lymphatics.3
  • Significantly better seal integrity in side-by-side GLP animal lab testing.3
  • Fast sealing, with an average seal time of less than 2.8 seconds on vessels up to 7 mm in diameter.
  • Equivalent tissue sticking resistance when compared to nano-coated LigaSure Maryland jaw due to POWERSEAL’s proprietary waveform and jaw construction.5

POWERSEAL displaying vessel sealing during a complex laparoscopic hysterectomy – Professor Francesco Fanfani from Gemelli University Hospital, Rome

Best-In-Class Dissection Performance With True Maryland Jaw Design

  • A true curved, tapered, and double-action Maryland dissector/grasper jaw design.
  • 15% wider jaw aperture than LigaSure Maryland jaw for enhanced grasping and dissection capability.7
  • POWERSEAL contains 7% longer tip and delivers a 38% stronger dissection force in comparison to Ligasure Maryland1

A complex laparoscopic hysterectomy with sentinel lymph node dissection performed by POWERSEAL – Professor Francesco Fanfani from Gemelli University Hospital, Rome

Built for Enhanced Usability

  • 55% less squeeze force required to close the jaws – without sacrificing jaw force or sealing strength.1
  • Reduced reach to device landmarks.1
  • 10% less squeeze force required to actuate cutting blade – without sacrificing cutting effectiveness.1

Maximize Efficiency and Comfort during Surgery

"POWERSEAL provides a quick, bloodless seal of vessels."

Nikhilesh R. Sekhar, MD, FACS, FASMBS | Senior Faculty of Surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

"This device is simply easier to hold, and it has a superior grasping capability."

Lena Nguyen | The Women´s Health Centre Fountain Valley | California

"It speeds up the procedure and keeps work flowing."

Justin Maykel, MD | Chief, Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery | University of Massachusetts Medical Center | Worcester, Massachusetts

"I found that POWERSEAL was faster than other options."

Nikhilesh R. Sekhar, MD, FACS, FASMBS | Senior Faculty of Surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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Overview of POWERSEAL Features, Benefits, Technical Specification

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