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Featured product EU-ME3 — Endoscopic Ultrasound Processor

PulmonologyGastroenterologyOR IntegrationHygiene and ReprocessingThoracic Surgery

The EU-ME3 is built to support more accurate diagnosis and treatment of hepatobiliary-pancreatic and lung diseases.


Aplio i800 EUS

Ultrasound System for Endoscopic Imaging


Through a partnership with Canon, Olympus brings the future of EUS into full clarity with the Aplio i800 EUS processor. For clinicians looking for a new level of confidence, the Aplio i800 EUS is a complete, customizable solution with powerful imaging that enhances penetration and resolution and offers an abundance of advanced, clinically validated tools to help improve productivity and clinical capabilities.

• Unrivalled ultrasound imaging
• An advanced liver and pancreatic package
• Partnering ergonomics with workflow

  • Differential THI (D-THI)
  • Full Focus
  • iBeam+
  • Contrast Harmonic Imaging (CHI)
  • Shear Wave Elastography (SWE)
  • Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI)
  • Smart 3D
  • Ergonomics
  • Intelligent on-screen navigation

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Dedicated Ultrasound Processor for EUS

GastroenterologyPulmonologyOR IntegrationThoracic SurgeryHygiene and Reprocessing

The fully integrated EU-ME2 high-quality, compact EUS processor enables integration with a conventional endoscopy on a single workstation, is compatible with miniature probes, and utilizes advanced features for imaging, sampling and interventional EUS/EBUS procedures.

  • Tissue harmonic imaging.
  • CH-EUS (contrast-harmonic endoscopic ultrasound).
  • Elastography.
  • All relevant flow functions (COLOR, POWER, H-Flow) and PW Doppler.
  • Compact, space-saving design.
  • Compatible with miniature probes.
  • Fully integrated.
  • High ease of use.

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Ultrasound System for Endoscopic and General Imaging

GastroenterologyPulmonologyOR IntegrationThoracic SurgeryHygiene and Reprocessing

The flagship diagnostic ultrasound platform Hitachi ARIETTA 850 incorporates the latest technologies for exceptional image quality, including the newly developed eFocusing* and shear-wave elastography for EUS. With Olympus EUS scopes being the first in the world to boast compatibility, the performance of ARIETTA 850 can now also be fully exploited in EUS examinations — supporting imaging, sampling and interventional procedures.

  • Tissue harmonic imaging.
  • Contrast harmonic imaging.
  • Elastography, shear-wave elastography.
  • All relevant flow functions (COLOR, POWER, eFlow) and PW Doppler.
  • eFocusing.*
  • Powerful back-end image-processing engine.
  • 22-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) monitor.
  • Wide range of extracorporeal ultrasound probes.
  • Various calibration options for individual adjustments.
*eFocusing is the transmission and reception technology newly developed for ARIETTA 850. It significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio, reduces focal dependency and offers outstanding clarity of clinical images from near to far field with less patient dependency.

Product availability and compatibility may vary. Please contact your local Olympus representative for more information.

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