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Featured product Stone Management — Premium Devices for Efficient and Convenient Stone Treatment


Having a long history in supporting physicians’ needs in stone management through the provision of rigid and flexible ureteroscopes and the related video equipment, Olympus is well aware of the additional procedural requirements resulting from the use of single-use instruments as well as holmium lasers and lithotriptors.



OLYMPUS EMPOWER Holmium:YAG Laser Portfolio


Experience the OLYMPUS EMPOWER H35 laser for lithotripsy and the OLYMPUS EMPOWER H65/ H100 system that offer additional capabilities for soft tissue and BPH treatment. The new full-range line of Ho:YAG lasers empowers physicians and hospital systems to meet the diverse surgical challenges they face each day.

  • Versatility for your everyday surgical challenges
  • High frequency settings for faster stone dusting
  • Stabilization mode reduces retropulsion for convenient stone treatment
  • Intuitive user interface with treatment presets
  • OLYMPUS EMPOWER H65 and H100 offer further capabilities for soft tissue and BPH treatment

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Lithotriptor for Stone Fragmentation


The ShockPulse-SE is a dual action lithotripsy system for efficient stone fragmentation. The large lumen and intuitive single-handed control make kidney, ureter, and bladder stone management safer and more effective.

  • Superior speed and suction efficiency
  • Intuitive surgeon control
  • Versatility

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