3D Measurement Instruments: Capabilities and Benefits

Fast and efficient 3D measurement instruments are essential for a range of quality control and failure analysis tasks. Now the next generation of instruments is here, featuring a combination of Olympus’ renowned optical and digital expertise. The IPLEX NX intelligent remote visual inspection system and the DSX digital and LEXT 3D laser scanning microscopes overcome many challenges encountered with conventional systems. These cutting-edge solutions achieve:

  • Outstanding images – digital technologies enable the production of high-contrast images over a wide field of view, across flat and uneven surfaces alike
  • Accurate & precise measurement – rapid or real-time on-screen measurement remove unreliability, while easy replication of settings ensures precise 3D measurements
  • Extensive reporting capabilities – software integration and customizable reports streamline reporting at the touch of a button
  • Simple operation – The systems are easily operated e.g. via a touch screen interface and intuitive controls and allow both novices and advanced users to achieve expert results

Gaining the Edge

The Design and Development of a Device Equipped to Create 3D Ski Edge Measurements

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History in a New Light

The role of light microscopy in cultural heritage

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CSI: Abertay-Light Microscopy in Forensics Research

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Alternative Energy

Alternative Materials for Alternative Energys

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Flexible Electronics

Studying the Electro-mechanical Behavior of Thin Films

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Solar Energy

Looking towards a Future of Affordable Solar Energy

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Exploring the Latest Advances in Remote Visual Inspection and 3D Stereo Measurement

Videoscopes for remote visual inspection have traditionally faced the challenge of fitting complex optical and digital imaging equipment into the compact tip of the scope. As such, inspection and measurement capabilities have previously been limited, yet the latest innovations have now advanced videoscope technology to a new level.

Equipped with sophisticated manoeuvrability and usability alongside 3D stereo measurement over a 4x wider area, the next generation of videoscopes save time and increase efficiency, especially when inspecting larger defects in aerospace components. Probability of Detection and flaw characterisation are enhanced for extra confidence in decision-making, and real-world examples illustrate how accurate measurements are guaranteed under conditions where standard videoscopes fail.

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Setting standards in optical metrology at the PTB

Emerging optical metrology techniques offer a host of advantages for industry, and developing standards for traceable calibration of optical instruments is a vital step towards the widespread application of technologies such as confocal laser scanning microscopy.

Metrology experts at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) centre at Braunschweig, Germany, discuss their latest work in developing areal calibration standards (including multi-step height, microform and areal roughness standards) for 3D imaging techniques such as optical and atomic force microscopy (AFM). As part of this project, the Olympus LEXT OLS4000 confocal laser scanning microscope was used as a workhorse, investigating designed and fabricated standards and their applications, comparing the designed nominal value to the real ones. This presents a first step in bringing these standards into the official domain – calibrating an instrument for comparable and traceable results, or verifying its properties to achieve input for the estimation of the uncertainty budget.

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3D Measurement Instruments


The All-in-One Solution for 3D Observation, Image Capture, Measurement and Sharing

Setting a new standard in industrial microscopy, the DSX digital microscope systems enable fast and detailed non-contact inspection and measurement in 2D and 3D – providing a complete investigation, measurement and reporting platform. The DSX510 is also available in an inverted format for in-depth inspection and measurement of large or bulky samples.

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3D Laser Scanning Digital Microscope for Superior Metrology

Non-contact 3D observation and measurement of surface features at a resolution of 10 nm is easy to achieve with the LEXT OLS4100 laser scanning digital microscope. This optical metrology system incorporates a range of innovative features for fast, high-resolution imaging across a wide area.

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Our Most Advanced Videoscope for Critical Inspection Tasks.

The IPLEX NX brings you the most advanced technologies in IPLEX series. It provides a bright, high-resolution image even in large spaces through a high-quality image sensor, bright laser diode light source, high-level image processing technology, and Olympus's optical lens technology.

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Innovations in Flexible Electronics Testing

Innovations in Flexible Electronics Testing

Learn about a new in-situ technique to investigate the electrical and mechanical behavior of thin films and structures used in flexible electronic devices.

SSD Service Solutions

SSD Service Solutions

Olympus offers a wide range of services designed to reduce cost of ownership and ensure the availability of your equipment through our network of Regional Repair Centres and Field Service Engineers.

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