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The first step in any Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedure is successful cannulation of the biliary and pancreatic system through the papilla of Vater. This may be achieved by using cannulation catheters. Successful cannulation of the papilla allows access to the hepatobiliary and pancreatic ducts for radiographic imaging.

Cannulation of the common bile duct (CBD)

Cannulation of the common bile duct (CBD)

Clear endoscopic visibility and outstanding radiopacity of VisiGlide

Clear endoscopic visibility and outstanding radiopacity of VisiGlide

Most papillae may be cannulated using standard catheters. Besides using a catheter a sphincterotome is also used for cannulation in several cases. Usually, this is the case if a sphincterotomy has to be done anyway. In combination with a guidewire cannulation becomes more stable and therefore less traumatic to the papilla. The flexible guidewire is used in combination with a wire-guided catheter or sphincterotome in order to achieve selective cannulation. The distal tip of the guidewire is hydrophyl with low friction and facilitates access to the biliary or pancreatic ducts. Moreover, the guidewire eases instrument exchange following the cannulation. Successful cannulation of the desired duct is essential in performing ERCP. A bendable catheter may assist the physician in performing difficult cannulation with a minor or constricted papilla or in the hepatic area.

Olympus offers a wide selection of cannulae to ensure successful cannulation in almost any clinical situation. The range includes catheters with standard, tapered, or metal tips. These give excellent visibility under fluoroscopy, enabling the physician to accurately place the cannula. The SwingTip cannula has a unique bendable tip for selective cannulation in difficult cases. The VisiGlide single-use guidewire for ERCP, developed in cooperation with Terumo, stands out thanks to its revolutionary guidewire design and innovative 0.025 inch concept. Superior cannulation performance is combined with the capability of smooth device exchange in one guidewire.

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