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Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site (LESS) Surgery

LESS (Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site) surgery is the result of natural evolution of minimally invasive surgery in which the number of small abdominal incisions required to complete the surgery has been reduced to just one incision, usually umbilical. Depending on the indication, this incision can be kept as small as 1.5 cm.


Safe insertion of instruments during LESS procedure.


Safe insertion of instruments during LESS procedure.

LESS Surgery

1 small incision

LESS Surgery

1 small incision


3 to 5 small incisions

Open Surgery

1 large incision

A wide range of procedures is routinely performed via single port access across the fields of general, urologic and gynaecologic surgery. For general surgery this includes cholecystectomy, which has now been completely standardised for LESS in the same way as the 4-port cholecystectomy. In addition colorectal and bariatric procedures are increasingly performed through just one small incision. In urology, certain indications for nephrectomy are suitable for LESS. For gynaecology, any adnexal surgery or hysterectomy may be performed as a LESS procedure.

The key to being able to perform laparoscopic surgery through a small incision at a single site is the use of dedicated ports such as TriPort+, TriPort15 and QuadPort+. The use of the 5 mm deflectable tip videolaparoscope (Flex5) and dedicated (curved) instruments (LS HiQ+) greatly facilitate LESS surgery.

Reduced number of incisions reduces surgical trauma


By reducing the number of incisions, the integrity of the abdominal wall is protected, leading to significant benefits.

Less pain after surgery

For specific indications, randomised controlled trials have shown LESS to be superior to conventional laparoscopy in terms of postoperative pain.

Fewer trocar related complications


Infections, hernias and port site bleeding, are reduced by reducing ports to just one blunt access device inserted under complete visual control.

Faster recovery and return to daily routine


Expert opinion suggests that the reduction in trauma to the abdominal wall may lead to a faster recovery and return to daily activities.

Better cosmetic results

Patients usually prefer treatment leaving as little scarring as possible. LESS surgery can yield a virtually scar free result when the umbilicus is used to gain abdominal access.

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    LESS Cholecystectomy

    LESS Cholecystectomy

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