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As part of Olympus' commitment to education in Respiratory Endoscopy, various training software packages and applications have been developed. Learn more about Olympus' latest application BronchoGuide, the LC Staging App as well as the training packages Light and Sound in Bronchoscopy and Endoscopic Ultrasound - Diagnostics and Staging of Lung Cancer.

Anatomy training tool

BronchoGuide App

Experience a bronchoscopic examination by steering the HDTV bronchoscope BF-H190 through the bronchial tree, from one carina to the next. Discover new app highlights like the 3D visualization of bronchopulmonary segments helping you to explore the bronchial anatomy.

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LC Staging App

Access the updated Lung Cancer Staging Table reflecting and visualizing the 7th and 8th edition of guidelines for lung cancer TNM staging, which were developed by the International Staging Committee of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC).

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BronchoCases App

Empower your diagnostic skills by learning more about Narrow Band Imaging and Autofluorescence Imaging in bronchoscopy and find a comprehensive selection of interactive training cases.

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Medical Thoracoscopy App

Discover a video documentation of a single hole thoracoscopy performed under local anaesthetic and find a comprehensive selection of cases with exudative and consecutive treatment. Explore more and follow renowed experts through their daily routine thoracoscopies.

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Light and Sound in Bronchoscopy

Light and Sound in Bronchoscopy is an interactive training software which aims at teaching diagnostic skills by explaining the latest enhancements in videobronchoscopy like Narrow Band Imaging or Autofluorescence Imaging in relation to carcinogenesis and angiogenesis. Furthermore, a dedicated chapter on Endoscopic Ultrasound describes the powerful modalities EBUS and EBUS-TBNA for the diagnosis of lesions beyond the bronchial wall. This training software also offers a range of interactive training cases as well as an interactive bronchial anatomy training tool providing a step by step exploration of the bronchial tree.

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Endoscopic Ultrasound - Diagnostics and Staging of Lung Cancer

The aim of this training software is to provide the user with information regarding the EBUS-TBNA and EUS-FNA procedures as well as the use of EBUS miniature probes. The training software contains the Interactive Staging Matrix (TNM Staging), Clinical Cases for EBUS-TBNA, EUS-FNA and EBUS miniprobes, Advice & Reference Videos (Equipment Preparation, Examination Step-by-Step, Tips & Tricks, Pathology), the 3D Lymphnode Atlas (more than 50 ultrasound images combined with 3D visualisation of their location) as well as the Endoscopic Ultrasound and EndoTherapy devices portfolio of Olympus.

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