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No-Tip Nitinol Baskets

Ultra-Catch and X-Catch for Reliable Stone Removal

Olympus no-tip nitinol baskets are ideal for reliable stone removal. With a 4-wire or 6-wire configuration and three sizes, they are suitable for a wide range of anatomies and physician preferences. An intuitive basket-opening mechanism, innovative rotation wheel and easy-grip handle ensure maximum control and efficiency.

Key benefits

Ultra-Catch 4-wire no-tip nitinol basket


An ideal basket for easy stone capture with minimum tissue trauma due to its no-tip design. Control is assured by a torque-responsive shaft and ergonomic handle.

X-Catch 6-wire no-tip nitinol basket


This paired-wire basket provides higher radial dilation force for stone manipulation in restricted anatomy and enables capture of several stones in one pass.

Olympus no-tip nitinol baskets come in two configurations: the Ultra-Catch 4-wire basket and the X-Catch 6-wire basket. Both offer superior features for safe and efficient stone management. For atraumatic stone disposal during flexible ureteroscopy, Olympus baskets have a patented zero-tip design with round wires. This makes them safe for intrarenal use and minimizes tissue trauma during manipulation. Twisted wire construction ensures the baskets maintain shape and form even under extreme duress. This construction also provides radial strength for manipulation in restricted anatomy.

Highly durable twisted-wire cage design
The Ultra-Catch basket maintains its shape and form even under extreme duress due its highly durable twisted-wire cage design. This twisted-wire construction also provides radial strength for manipulation in restricted anatomy.

Atraumatic distal tip
The Olympus patented distal disk design with round nitinol wires is truly tipless and designed specifically for flexible ureteroscopy. This no-tip design ensures atraumatic manipulation of the Ultra-Catch.

Three sizes available
Ultra-Catch 4-wire and X-Catch 6-wire no-tip nitinol baskets are available in 1.8, 2.2 and 3.0 Fr sizes to accommodate a wide range of patient anatomies and the preferences of the physician.

Durable polymer sheath
The polymer sheath is designed for durability. This makes it possible to remove several small fragments in one pass, thus saving time.

Easy-grip handle
The specially designed handle has outstanding ergonomics for ease of use. A gel-like grip prevents slipping. While the rotation wheel enables single-handed operation. For convenience, the introducer snaps onto the handle when not in use.

No-tip design with round nitinol wires
Our patented distal disc design is truly tipless and offers atraumatic basket manipulation.

Torque-responsive shaft for easy stone removal
Nitinol makes the shaft kink-resistant for superior safety and durability. The highly-flexible distal end minimizes scope deflection loss within the lower pole. Visualization is optimized due to the small 1.8 Fr basket allowing strong irrigation flow.

Ultra-Catch 4-Wire No-Tip Nitinol Basket
 DiameterCage Size
EGNT4W181151.8 Fr11 mm
EGNT4W221152.2 Fr14 mm
EGNT4W301153.0 Fr18 mm
X-Catch 6-Wire No-Tip Nitinol Basket  
 DiameterCage Size
EGNTCP181151.8 Fr11 mm
EGNTCP221152.2 Fr14 mm
EGNTCP301153.0 Fr17 mm
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    No-Tip Nitinol Baskets

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