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OES Pro Resectoscope


Transurethral resection in saline (TURis) is an evolution from the previous standard – the monopolar resection. Combining the benefits of the procedure and adding to the safety of the patient, this is the new standard approach for the resection of benign prostatic hyperplasia and localised bladder tumours. The OES Pro TURis system allows easy, effective and safe resection in saline with better handling for the surgeon and improved patient outcomes.

Key benefits

Improved view and ergonomy

The award-winning, HD-ready OES Pro Resectoscope system offers the best ergonomics and an ideal view throughout the operation.

Patient safety

The OES Pro TURis system has been developed and clinically proven to allow safe resection in saline, significantly reducing TUR syndrome and obturator nerve stimulation.

Smooth operation

The OES Pro TURis is slimmer and lighter than previous resectoscopes, giving better handling for the surgeon and improving patient comfort.

The OES Pro Resectoscope systems allow bladder resection or prostate resection in saline. This bipolar resection system cuts smoothly, producing fine chips for the best pathologies. In cutting or coagulation mode, the resectoscope draws the plasma around the loop, allowing accurate, fast and virtually bloodless ablation of tissue. TURis is associated with a reduced risk of TUR syndrome, minimised depth of thermal spread and reduced obturator nerve stimulation. The OES Pro resectoscope is ergonomically designed to improve handling strain on the surgeon as well as patient comfort.

Bipolar resection system
The bipolar TURis resection system is safer, reducing the risk of TUR syndrome and obturator nerve stimulation, as the current does not flow through the patient to the patient plate, but returns via the electrode. Virtually bloodless operating in saline enables you to treat your patients safely and effectively, potentially reducing catheter times and hospital stay.

Light and well balanced
The OES Pro resectoscope, extremely light and well balanced, is ergonomically designed to allow you to conduct resection in saline efficiently and ensure your patients’ safety and comfort.

Working length of 194mm
The OES Pro resectoscope has a working length of 194mm, allowing you to access even the most extended anatomies.

Slim resection sheath
The resectoscope has a slim resection sheath of just 26 Fr.

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    TURis 2.0 Plasma Vaporisation

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    TURis 2.0 Transurethral Enucleation

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    TURis 2.0 - Bipolar Resection

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    TCRis - Trans Cervical Resection in saline

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