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BiCOAG Hemostasis Probe

Optimized tissue-to-electrode for effective and efficient hemostasis.

For coagulation of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract during endoscopic procedures, the BiCOAG probe is the ideal choice. Its unique spiral tip delivers bipolar energy for reliable hemostasis at any angle. While a clear surgical site is ensured by ability to pass irrigation fluid through the central lumen to the tip.

The single use BiCOAG hemostasis probe provides reliable hemostasis through bipolar coagulation technology.

Key benefits

Coagulation at virtually any angle

The single use BiCOAG probe provides reliable hemostasis via a spiral bipolar electrode with a rounded tip that enables coagulation at virtually any angle.

Optimized tubing stiffness

The tubing stiffness is optimized to reduce kinking and transmit pressure to the bleeding site while passing easily through the endoscopic channel.

Irrigation at the electrode tip

Irrigating fluid can be delivered at the electrode tip to clear blood and other substances that impede vision and coagulation of the surgical site.

Spiral bipolar electrode and rounded tip
A unique spiral tip design enables reliable hemostasis through bipolar coagulation technology that can be applied to achieve effective coagulation at various angles.

Optimal tubing stiffness
Optimal tubing stiffness reduces kinking, transmits pressure to the bleeding site and passes easily through the endoscope channel.

Central lumen for irrigation
The flushing port at the end of the probe and central lumen allow irrigating water to clean the surgical site as required when used in conjunction with a bipolar generator and endoscope.

Two options of plug type
The BiCOAG has the option of an industry-standard coaxial connector or a fixed pin connector. Therefor this single use high frequency accessory can be used with any bipolar generator.

ModelPacked QuantityMaximum Probe
Tip Outer Diameter
Flushing PortWorking
Compatible Channel
Inner Diameter
CD-B610LA1 piece/box10 FrCoaxialAvailable3500 mm3.7 mm
CD-B612LA1 piece/box10 FrFixed PinAvailable3500 mm3.7 mm
CD-B620LA1 piece/box7 FrCoaxialAvailable3500 mm2.8 mm
CD-B622LA1 piece/box7 FrFixed PinAvailable3500 mm2.8 mm

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