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Dedicated ultrasound processor

The EU-ME2 is a high-quality compact ultrasound processor for use with OLYMPUS endoscopic and endobronchial ultrasound equipment that has been designed for integration with conventional endoscopy on a single workstation. With its high resolution and an image display that promotes clear visualization, the EU-ME2 brings real clarity to your EUS procedures, supporting better detection and characterization of lesions. A variety of new features such as, Tissue Harmonic Echo (THE), Contrast Harmonic EUS (CH-EUS) and Elastography will explore the future of endosonography.

Key benefits

Excellent Ultrasound Imaging

Superb B-Mode image in combination with improved basic functions like THE ensure excellent ultrasound imaging

Latest EUS Technology

New functions such as CH-EUS or Elastography offer new possibilities in endosonography.

Compact design & fully compatible

Integrating both electronic and mechanical scanning technologies in a compact housing, the EU-ME2 is a total endosonography solution compatible with virtually all available OLYMPUS ultrasound endoscopes and miniature probes.

Compact & fully dedicated EUS Processor

Full support for endobronchial ultrasonography
The EU-ME2 is designed to support EBUS procedures, such as the EBUS GuideSheath procedure. By placing the GuideSheath with the inserted miniature probe near the target lesion, the probe can be withdrawn and foceps or brush can be conveniently advanced to the site of the lesion for further sampling. Advancing the sampling device through the sheath after the miniature probe has been withdrawn helps improving the accuracy and shortening the examination time.

Single monitor and single keyboard
The EU-ME2 features a user-friendly keyboard with a touch panel and trackball. The picture-in-picture function is standard, and when available, both endoscopy and ultrasound images can be displayed on a single monitor.

EVIS-ready and space-saving design
The EU-ME2 is designed to save space in your endoscopy suite. As an integral part of the OLYMPUS EVIS endoscopy system, it fits snugly on the standard endoscopy trolley, leaving plenty of room for all the other equipment you need.

B-mode image quality has been substantially improved, making it possible to support more efficient localization of tumors and more accurate identification of tissue properties and boundaries. Clearer image delineation helps enable more precise direction for puncturing and aspiration during EUS-FNA and may make it easier to develop effective therapeutic practices.

Tissue Harmonic Echo (THE)
When ultrasound waves are propagated through tissue, distortion occurs and higher harmonic components are generated. The THE mode uses these components to build an image of the targeted area. Potential advantages of harmonic imaging include improved resolution, improved signal-to-noise ratio, and reduced artifacts.

Contrast Harmonic EUS (CH-EUS)
Using technology designed to depict higher harmonics, the CH-EUS mode is expected to help realize enhanced sensitivity to tumors and other abnormal growths.

An advanced form of ultrasound, elastography displays the relative stiffness of tissues by taking advantage of the deformation caused by the compression or vibrations generated by the heartbeat or vascular pulsations.

Especially useful for imaging small vessels around the tip of the endoscope, the H-FLOW (High Resolution Flow) mode can help facilitate more precise maneuvering during EUS-FNA/EBUS-TBNA by making it potentially less difficult to avoid vessels.

SizeDimensionsMain Unit371 (W) × 175 (H) × 480 (D) mm
445 (W) × 184 (H) × 495 (D) mm (maximum)
  Keyboard392 (W) × 39 (H) × 207 (D) mm
 WeightMain Unit22.5 kg
  Keyboard2.5 kg
Mechanical ScanningDisplay Mode B-mode
 Scanning Radial scanning
 Compatible equipment Mechanical radial scanning ultrasound endoscope, Miniature probe
 Usable frequencies C5, C7.5, C12, C20, 7.5, 12, 20 MHz
 Display range 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12 cm
 Image adjustment Gain, Contrast, STC, Enhance
 Display processingRotationRotatable
  Display areaFull circle, bottom sector, top sector, scroll
 Cine memory Maximum 160 frames, Cine review function
 3D Maximum 160 frames, Cine review function
 Measurement Distance, Area, Circumstance
Electronic ScanningDisplay ModeB-mode, FLOW mode, PW mode, THE mode, CH-EUS mode,
Elastography mode
 ScanningElectronic radial scanning ultrasound endoscope
Electronic curved linear array scanning ultrasound endoscope
 Usable frequencies5, 6, 7.5, 10, 12 MHz
 Display range2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 cm
 Image adjustmentGain, Contrast, STC, Enhance, Compound
 Display processingDisplay areaRadial : Full circle, bottom sector, top sector, scroll
Curved linear array : Convex
  Display patternSingle-screen/Dual-screen
 Cine memoryOver 600 frames storable depending on the conditions
Cine review function
 FocusAuto presetNear/Far
  Focus settingFocus location adjustable, Focus number adjustable
 FLOW modeCOLOR FLOW mode, POWER FLOW mode, H-FLOW mode
 PW modeB+PW, Color+PW, Power+PW, H-Flow+PW
 MeasurementDistance, Area, Circumstance, PW measurement
 THE (Tissue Harmonic Echo) mode *1, *2THE-P, THE-R
mode *1, *2
Display patternCH-B, CH-Color
  Preset (CH agent type)2 types, adjustable (middle or low)
  Frequency selection2 types, adjustable (CH-R or CH-P)
  TIC analysisDisplays the change over time of the average brightness of each ROI
 ELST mode
(Elastography) *2
Pressurization state
Strain graph, Pressurization bar
  Strain ratioDisplays the amounts of the strain and their ratio in two areas
Ancillary EquipmentKeyboardKeyboard with built-in trackball, LCD touch panel and LED backlit keys
 Recording deviceVideo printer (color/monochrome), DVR
 Video system centerMonitor display selectionEndoscopic/Ultrasound image
  Picture-in-pictureDisplays the endoscopic image as PinP sub-display on the
ultrasound image
  Patient dataShares patient data with the video system center
*1 Only available on EU-ME2 PREMIER/EU-ME2 PREMIER PLUS *2 Only available on EU-ME2 PREMIER PLUS

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