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The VISERA ELITE Video Processor OTV-S190 brings out the full new scope performance. The Multi-platform system enables existing scopes to be used as well. Stabilized colour reproduction and image noise reduction improving image quality to the next level.

Key benefits

Ground- breaking resolving power for safe procedure

Equipped with the next generation HD imaging capability to provide the best possible quality for flexible and rigid endoscopes. Enables comprehensive observation of different organs and tissue.

Brighter, more powerful NBI

Narrow Band Imaging now delivers significantly increased brightness and contrast. The light source filter configuration has been optimized to increase the brightness of the NBI light by 1.2 times. This enables the surgeon even to operate under NBI visualization.

Outstanding, true-to-life image quality

With 3D noise reduction the image quality of all new scopes and camera heads will tremendously improved.

The VISERA ELITE Video Processor OTV-S190 delivers vivid and true colour reproduction. With a new scope individual colour correction system, the OTV is able to adjust the colour reproduction of all connected scopes to the exact same level. Your images never looked more life like on a OR sreen.

High Resolution
Next generation HD supports all new 10mm multichip Video Laparoscopes as well as all new 3CCD camera heads with improved image processing circuit.

Noise reduction function
The processor can eliminate noise without causing quality deterioration. It compares each pixel in the previous frame instead of averaging all the pixels in one frame. Perfect picture clarity and resolution.

Stabilized colour reproduction
Colour variation between scopes is solved by an individual colour correction system. This colour correction technology is used in digital cameras developed by Olympus comsumer cameras, is now applied to medical use.

Power supplyVoltage100 – 240 V AC; within ±10%
 Frequency50/60 Hz; within ± 3 Hz
 Consumption electric power150 VA
SizeDimensions (W x H x D)370 x 85 x 455 mm (standard)
383 x 91 x 489 mm (Maximum)
 Weight8.8 kg
Classification (medical electrical equipment)Type of protection against electric shockClass I
 Degree of protection against electric shock of applied partDepends on applied part. See also applied par (camera head or videoscope).
 Degree of protection against explosionThe video system center should be kept away from flammable gases.

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