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Clear View of the Surgical Site, Anytime

The Olympus InstaClear is a lens cleaner system that quickly and reliably cleans the lens of your sinuscope intraoperatively using a well-balanced burst of irrigation and suction. For a clear view of the surgical site, the Olympus InstaClear lens cleaner system offers outstanding surgical benefits, enabling users to maintain surgical momentum and efficiency. With its ultrafast cleaning cycle, removing the sinuscope from the surgical site for cleaning is a thing of the past. Surgical momentum is maintained, positively impacting procedure time.

Key Benefits

Ultrafast cleaning cycle


The InstaClear lens cleaner system provides a faster cleaning cycle compared to benchmark devices, resulting in instantly clear views.

Reduces surgical time

Because cleaning happens without removing the scope from the nasal cavity, there is no loss of surgical focus and procedure times can be reduced.

Can be used as an irrigation device

The versatile InstaClear lens cleaner system can also be used as an irrigation device, thus offering further efficiency and versatility.

Built-in suction

For reliable removal of liquid and debris after each flushing or irrigation cycle, the InstaClear lens cleaner system has built-in suction capability.

Secure and light

Ease of handling is ensured as the InstaClear lens cleaner system fits securely onto the sinuscope, without adding significant bulk to the sinuscope diameter.

Fast set up

With the ever-growing technical complexity of the surgical environment, nurses and technicians appreciate the intuitive set up of InstaClear, which can be ready to go in less than one minute.

Compatible with 4 mm endoscopes

Compatible with 4 mm endoscopes
Cleaning sheath for all 4 mm Olympus HD, 4K and 4 mm Storz sinuscopes are available at: - 0°, 30°, 45°, and 70° working angle - top bottom light-cable positions.

Hands-free foot pedal activation
As well as enabling a clear view of the surgical site, users can keep their hands free for the procedure by using a foot pedal to activate the system.

Adjustable flow rate
Customized performance and surgical site irrigation are facilitated by the ability to use 5 different flow rate settings.

A perfect fit
InstaClear sheaths fit perfectly onto the endoscope without obstructing the lens.

Easy assembly and disassembly
Grip hubs on the scope holder facilitate fast and easy assembly and disassembly of the lens cleaner system.

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