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Endoscope Transport System

Secure Endoscope Transportation with Hygienic Focus

The endoscope transport system “ETS Plus” is an advanced and dedicated product to simultaneously transport up to six flexible medical endoscopes between the examination room, the reprocessing area and the storage area.

Key benefits

Hygienic Safety


The separately packed foil kit consists of two robust foils: an inner liner to avoid a strong contamination of the tray and a cover foil to protect against dust and recontamination.

Comfortable Movement


Comfortable transport of the endoscopes is assured by the ETS Plus handle and the base plate cut-out of the trolley. Four freely rotatable wheels enable full and easy control when moving through the endoscopy department.

Easy and Effective Cleaning


The plain surfaces of the ETS Plus trays is easy to clean and disinfect. The lack of overhanging edges and all four grips face inwards, reducing places for bacteria to grow.

The ETS Plus is specifically designed to provide an easy, user friendly and swift transport of all flexible medical endoscopes.

Single-use foil kit

The separately packed foil kit consists of an inner liner and cover foil. The cover foil is printed on both sides, indicating the status of the endoscope in the tray by a red/green color code and a symbol. Only one cover foil is required for one endoscope cycle, at first to protect the reprocessed endoscope and after examination to cover the contaminated endoscope. Based on the transparency of the cover foil, the endoscope in the tray can be easily identified.

Cover Foil

Quick Foil Placement

Placing an endoscope with inner liner and cover from a foil kit is an easy three-step routine. Both foils are tightly fixed to the tray. The single-use application further reduces the risk of contamination during transport.

Quick Foil Placement

Endoscope Protection

The stainless steel frame perfectly encloses and protects all the endoscope trays. Furthermore, the trays are placed on tilted slide rails, tightly securing the valuable content during transport.

Ergonomic Height

A user friendly working height of 1,05 m supported by the shape of ETS Plus top shelf allowing safe packing and unpacking of the endoscopes and avoiding the necessity for additional worktops.

Endoscope Compatibility

The plain inner surface of the tray enable to place flexible medical endoscopes from Olympus and almost all other branded flexible medical endoscopes.

SpecificationsNumber of instrument trays6
 Number of grips per tray4
 Wheels4 (360°C freely rotatable; 2 with brake)
 ApplicationIn-house transport of medical flexible endoscopes
DimensionsETS Plus – Transfer trolleyW x D x H: 610 x 680 x 1050 mm
Weight: 30 kg
 ETS Plus – Instrument trayW x D x H: 520 x 520 x 100 mm
Weight: < 1 kg
 ETS Plus - Wall dispenserW x D x H: 150 x 130 x 420 mm
Weight: < 1 kg
 Working height1050 mm
DisinfectionTransfer trolleyWipe disinfection (use common hospital surface disinfectant agents)
 Instrument trayAutomated thermal disinfection (min. A0 600)
Thermostability: ≤ 93°C
Foil KitContents1x Liner foil
1x Cover foil
 Single useYes
StandardsMedical device classificationNo

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