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HiQ+ Suction and Irrigation Instrument

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The HiQ+ suction and irrigation system is designed to provide clog-free suction, ensuring laparoscopic procedures progress smoothly. With a wide range of tubes allowing customisation for different surgeries, ergonomically-designed handles and easy reprocessing, this system ensures excellent performance.

Key benefits

Clog-free operation

The HiQ+ suction/irrigation system is optimised for streamlined flow throughout all components, enabling easy passage of blood clots or stones.

Readily customizable

A wide range of suction/irrigation tubes is offered for the HiQ+ system, including different diameters, working lengths and a variety of tip designs.

Optimised ergonomics

Choose between active or passive ergonomic handles.

Easy reprocessing

The HiQ+ suction/irrigation system is designed for easy assembly, disassembly and cleaning. All components are easily detachable and autoclavable.

The HiQ+ Suction and Irrigation system provides clog-free suction and irrigation for a range of procedures in general surgery, gynaecology and urology. The system is streamlined to allow the passage of blood clots or stones without interrupting suction. The modular system allows a wide range of suction/irrigation tubes to be attached, giving a choice of different diameters, working lengths or tip designs (e.g. for harvesting lost gall bladder stones or aspirating hydrops). Two ergonomically-designed handles are available and the system can be easily reprocessed.

Optimised for streamlined flow
The suction/irrigation system has been optimised for streamlined flow throughout all of the components, giving the surgeon a clog-free system and allowing for effortlessly remove of immersed blood clots or stones.

Multiple diameter tubes, working lengths and tip designs
The system is eminently customisable: tube diameters of 3, 5 and 10mm are available; working lengths of 360 or 450mm can be used; the surgeon can choose from multiple tip designs to facilitate harvesting gall bladder stones or aspirating hydrops.

Choice of ergonomic handles
The surgeons may choose between the handle that suits to their comfort needs: an active handle with fingertip lever for controlled suction and irrigation; or a passive handle with foot switch control in combination with pumps.

Easily assembled, disassembled and fully autoclavable
The HiQ+ suction/irrigation system is designed to ease assembly, disassembly and cleaning; all components are easily detached and autoclavable, ensuring the surgeon can keep on top of hygiene effortlessly.

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