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EVIS LUCERA ELITE Videogastroscope

The EVIS LUCERA ELITE GIF-HQ290 gastroscope rolutionises routine endoscopy by providing ground breaking advanced diagnostic features in an easy-to-use routine endoscope.

Key benefits

Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging

Narrow Band Imaging now delivers significantly increased brightness and contrast. Previously widely accepted as a tool for characterisation, the improved brightness may open new possibilities for lesion detection.

Ground-breaking Dual Focus for advanced diagnostics

Olympus is proud to introduce Dual Focus – a unique optical imaging technology enabling detailed examination of mucosal changes at the touch of a button. With Dual Focus, Olympus is helping to revolutionise routine endoscopy.

Outstanding, true-to-life HD image quality

The GIF-HQ290 endoscopes offer true-to-life HD endoscopic images of breath-taking clarity, delivering the optimum support for accurate diagnosis.

Water Jet for a clearer view

The GIF-HQ290 also features an integrated water jet channel helping you keep a clearer view during haemostasis or complex therapeutic procedures.

The EVIS LUCERA ELITE GIF-HQ290 gastroscope is at the forefront of Olympus endoscopy technology. By uniting features such as Dual Focus and brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging, the GIF-HQ290 offers a truly advanced diagnostic tool packaged in a routine endoscope. In addition to advanced diagnostic features, a range of ergonomic improvements make the endsocope easier to handle throughout the entire endoscope workflow.

Dual Focus
Dual Focus, a unique Olympus innovation based upon an innovative two-stage optical system enables the user to switch two focus settings. With the simple push of a button, the desired observation mode can be selected: “near mode” featuring ground-breaking resolving power for close mucosal observation or “normal mode” for normal observation. EVIS LUCERA ELITE endoscopes feature an advanced level of resolving power compared to previous generations. With Dual focus Olympus is helping to revolutionise routine endoscopy.

Brighter and higher contrast Narrow Band Imaging
NBI in EVIS LUCERA ELITE offers a significantly increased viewable distance compared to previous generations. The improved contrast combined with this increased brightness means that NBI opens new possibilities in assisting you in lesion detection and characterisation.

Improved image quality
EVIS LUCERA ELITE endoscopes offer the highest level of endoscopic image quality, ensuring outstanding colour reproduction and even brightness across the whole endoscopic image – decisive in helping you establish a diagnosis. Thanks to improved signalprocessing, EVIS LUCERA ELITE endoscopes feature significantly reduced levels of halation and noise.

Water Jet
An integrated Water Jet channel not only helps you identify the bleeding source during haemostasis but is also helpful during complex therapeutic procedures, by ensuring you always have a clear view of the endoscopic site.

Waterproof One-touch Connector
EVIS LUCERA ELITE endoscopes feature a brand-new connector design no longer requiring the connection of a video cable. The connector is fully submersible, eliminating the need for a water-resistant cap.

Designed for ease-of-use
Ergonomically designed control section for enhanced colonoscope manoeuvrability, with easy-to-access controls and user programmable switches.

Optical SystemField of viewNormal focus mode 140º
Near focus mode 140º
 Direction of viewForward viewing
 Depth of fieldNormal focus mode 7-100 mm
Near focus mode 3-7 mm
Insertion SectionDistal end outer diameter10.2 mm
 Insertion tube outer diameter9.9 mm
 Working length1030 mm
Instrument ChannelChannel inner diameter2.8 mm
 Minimum visible distance3.0 mm from the distal end
Bending SectionAngulation rangeUp 210º
Down 90º
Right 100º
Left 100º
Total Length1350 mm 
Compatible EVIS LUCERA SystemVideo System Center OLYMPUS CV-290
Xenon Light Source OLYMPUS CLV-290SL, CLV-290

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