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Outpatient Surgical Imaging Platform

The CV-170 enables cost effective access to the power of HDTV and NBI in endoscopic diagnosis in ENT and urology. It may be compact and medium priced, but that does not limit the centre’s capabilities. Compatibility with existing fibrescopes and reduced maintenance and energy use make the CV-170 an ideal way to optimise observation of mucosal structures.

Key benefits

HDTV Flexible Endoscopy

HDTV boosts the observation of mucosal structures. While minimal halation and image noise support diagnosis and expand the potential of endoscopy.

NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)

NBI greatly enhances the visibility of structures on the mucosal surface. This potentially reduces unnecessary biopsies and improves examination quality.

HDTV & NBI – Ideal for early diagnosis of cancer

HDTV with NBI delivers highest resolution and colour reproduction with enhanced vessel structure visibility for improved detection of carcinoma in situ.

CV-170 – the price sensitive upgrade

The medium priced CV-170 in combination with chip-on-the-tip technology in flexible videoscopes provides cost efficient upgrade capability.

Despite its value, flexible video endoscopy is often not standard practice due to relatively high costs. The benefits of CV-170 could change this dynamic. Compatibility with all existing fibrescopes provides a realistic option to upgrade from fibrescope to videoscope. Furthermore, maintenance costs are minimised due to the long-life LED lamp, which does not need frequent replacement and inherently uses minimal energy. This versatile video centre has an impressive range of functions, all condensed into a convenient size to fit any setting and requirement from observation and diagnosis to resection.

Compatible with existing scopes
All current fibrescopes are compatible with the CV-170 video platform by connecting the camera head. This economic benefit results in cost savings and greater usability, with all the benefits of NBI.

Simple design with LED
The CV-170 delivers great performance in a compact and convenient size. The newly adopted long-life LED lamp minimises replacement and generates virtually no heat, assuring hours of operation with reduced energy consumption.

Significant noise reduction
This low-noise centre makes examinations more comfortable for doctor and patient which is important especially for stroboscopy.

Record images on USB drive
The centre is capable of recording still images on a USB drive as high definition files.

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