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Flexible 3D surgical
endoscopy options

Olympus introduces a new 3D imaging solution that provides depth perception and a precise spatial view of anatomy that cannot be achieved with traditional 2D systems. The Olympus 3D solution is a fusion of advanced 3D technology which overcomes the limitations of conventional 3D systems, providing a new perspective on surgical imaging.

Olympus 3D Imaging Solution provides improved speed, accuracy and precision for surgical tasks while helping to shorten the learning curve.

Key benefits


The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D can bend up to 100 degrees in four directions. This function provides the critical clinical view during surgery while maintaining an optimal and correct visual orientation, which cannot be achieved with conventional rigid telescope and camera head 3D systems which utilise a rigid telescope and camera head.

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Simple recording of 3D images

The 3D format may be recorded to existing Olympus IMH image management products in much the same way as 2D. Moreover, simultaneous recording of 2D and 3D video signals is possible with IMH-20.

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Compatible with 2D equipment

Olympus 3D Imaging Solution is compatible with Olympus 2D camera heads and scopes, to provide a versatile multi-disciplinary system. The Olympus system is a universal platform which supports over 100 different flexible scopes, rigid camera heads, videoscopes and endoscopes.

Narrow Band Imaging in 2D and 3D

Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) enhances visualisation of the capillary network and is readily available during surgery in both the unique Olympus 2D and 3Dincreasing the diagnostic capacity of the systems.

See what you havent seen before
A common problem with 3D imaging is the lack of image rotation when using a 30 degree laparoscope which is a significant detriment to surgery. Olympus has resolved this technical obstacle with a further development of the unique deflecting ‘chip-on-the-tip’ video laparoscope – ENDOEYE FLEX 3D. The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D has a four-way deflecting tip which negates the problem of image rotation, by producing a HD 3D ‘bird’s eye’ view of the operating field ensuring the critical view is always maintained.

Focus free
ENDOEYE technology using distally located image sensors maximises the 3D benefit by means of a brighter, more light-sensitive image with greater depth of field while eliminating manual focussing.

All-in-one lightweight ergonomic design
An all-in-one integrated structure is adopted that provides a true ‘plug and play’ solution. The device can thus be easily set up before surgery, and it also offers improved handling during surgery, even in 3D.

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