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Dornier Medilas H Solvo

30 Watt Holmium:YAG laser

The Dornier Medilas H Solvo 30 Watt Holmium:YAG laser system gives you the power for advanced stone management. Unique features, such as the wireless footswitch and intelligent fiber recognition, put this power totally in the control of the surgeon. While advanced component design reduces the risk of costly scope repairs.

Key benefits

Medilas H Solvo 30 Watt Holmium:YAG laser


This system is ideal for elimination of stones, whatever their chemical consistency or hardness. It can also be used for selected soft-tissue interventions.

Improved stone dusting

The 30 W power of this innovative unit enables increased frequency settings up to 20 Hz for improved stone dusting.

Wireless footswitch


A unique, three-pedal, wireless foot switch allows complete control of the laser settings for increased convenience and safety during the procedure.

Shorter procedure times


The system has a very fast start-up and there is no warm-up period, so procedure times can be significantly shortened.

The Dornier Medilas H Solvo is a precise and convenient holmium laser system that is perfectly suited for advanced stone management. Control of laser energy and parameters via a unique wireless foot switch not only makes stone fragmentation procedures more efficient, it also eliminates trip hazard and cord damage. In addition, intelligent fiber recognition provides the surgeon with real-time information throughout the procedure. The specially designed durable fibers optimize the delivery of laser energy and incorporate a large quartz sleeve to dissipate errant energy and prevent scope damage.

Hands-free control

The novel wireless foot switch enables easy, safe release of laser energy and configuration of laser parameters. It also enables swift switching between standby and ready modes. Being wireless, trip hazard and cord damage are eliminated.

Intelligent fiber recognition

Featuring an intelligent fiber recognition system, Solvo provides the user with immediate information regarding the connected fiber.

Preventing costly scope repairs

The specially designed laser fibers utilize a larger quartz sleeve the entire length of the fiber. This transmits errant energy, preventing damage to the focusing lens that can otherwise lead to costly scope repairs.

Superior performance and durability

The fibers feature a Delrin® SMA connector that does not heat up like metal SMA connectors. Competitive benchmark testing proves that the Dornier 270 μm fiber has the best transmission efficiency both at 10 W and 30 W at a bend radius of 7 mm.

Laser Type Holmium (Ho:YAG), solid-state pulsed laser
Wavelength2,080 nm (commonly referred to as 2.1 µm)
Laser energy 200-3,500mJ
Laser frequency 3-20 Hz
Power supply 115/208/-240 V (AC), single phase, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 2.8kVA max. at 240 V (AC)
Weight62 kg
Dimensions box:
(D x W x H)

(D x W)
53 x 31 x 109 cm

62 x 45 cm

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