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Superslim 8.4 Fr Flexible Video Ureteroscope

The URF-V2 achieves a new standard in smooth insertability and high image quality. As slim as a fiberscope, yet with the image quality of a videoscope, every feature contributes to this scope’s versatile performance. Improved visualization, facilitated maneuverability and reduced operator stress are now within reach.

Key benefits

Highest image quality in superslim 8.4 Fr shaft

A new chip-on-the-tip micromini CCD ensures significantly high image quality and produces a large image, which supports detailed and precise observation.

NBI for optimized upper tract tumor treatment

Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) provides exceptional visualization, which is ideal for effective tumor examination and treatment in the upper tract.

Improved maneuverability with 275° deflection


An increased up/down angulation of 275°, combined with higher flexibility of the distal end, greatly improves access to targets in the renal calyces.

Facilitated handling due to 120° rotation wheel


Precise adjustment of the distal end is enabled by a rotation wheel on the handle, which helps avoid wrist strain and allows treatment of large stone burdens.

Improved stone management through digital uteroscopy (digital URS) is now a reality with the URF-V2. Introducing a micromini CCD, the URF-V2 features an extremely slim 8.4 Fr shaft, comparable with a fiberscope. In combination with a 10/12 Fr access sheath, narrow urethras are accessible. With a 12/14 Fr access sheath, improved irrigation capability ensures a clearer view.

Slim design and stiff shaft for access and maneuverability
Slim URF-V2 fits into 10/12 Fr access sheath, allowing for access in tight ureters.
The 120° rotation function allows the operator to change the shaft’s angle by rotating a ring on the handle. This potentially allows for longer laser activation, making treatment of large stone burdens feasible.
ncreased shaft stiffness for improved steering of the ureteroscope allows the lower pole calyx to be reached easily.

Narrow Band Imaging for optimized tumour management
Chip-on-the-tip technology provides sharp visualization and larger images compared to fiberscope technology, making long procedures faster and laser activation safer. NBI improves visibility of vessel structures for effective tumor identification.

Improved maneuverability to reach everywhere
This flexible ureteroscope has deflection capabilities of 275° up and down enabling outstanding visualization of lower renal calyces as well as upper and middle calyces.

Unique insertion tube rotation for more comfort
The shaft’s angle is easily and accurately changed through 120° by rotating a ring on the handle. This potentially makes longer laser activation and treatment of large stone burdens feasible by reducing the risk of operator wrist pain.

Optical SystemField of View80°
 Direction of ViewForward Viewing
 Depth of Field1.5-50 mm
Insertion TubeDistal End, Outer Diameter8.5 Fr (2.83 mm)
 Insertion Tube, Outer Diameter8.4 Fr (2.8 mm)
 Working Length670 mm
Instrument ChannelInner Channel, Diameter3.6 Fr (1.2 mm)
Bending SectionAngulation RangeUp 275°
  Down 275°
Total Length 980 mm

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