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The TriPort15 is a trocar designed to facilitate single-incision surgery, allowing laparoscopic procedures to be carried out via just one incision. It has three instrument ports, two insufflation valves and is gas tight, allowing a range of three-instrument surgical procedures to be performed.

Key benefits

Umbilical incision results in better cosmesis

The TriPort15 requires an incision size of just 12–25mm, allowing most incisions to be made via the umbilicus, and leaving a virtually undetectable scar.

Wound complications are reduced

With only one surgical wound, there are reduced post-operative complications such as bleeding and infections with the TriPort15.

Post-operative pain may be further minimised

As patients only have to recover from one small incision, they may feel reduced post-operative pain compared with those undergoing standard laparoscopy.

Potentially faster recovery

The potential for fewer complications and less post-operative pain mean faster recoveries following procedures with the TriPort15.

Scarless surgery is a step closer with the TriPort15, which is part of Olympus’ LESS surgery system. This three-port trocar allows a range of laparoscopic procedures to be performed via single-port access, including single-hysterectomy, appendectomy and nephrectomy. The use of Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site Surgery (LESS) may reduce post-operative complications, post-operative pain, and may result in faster patient recovery.

Three ports, including one 15mm wide
Three ports allow you to perform a range of advanced laparoscopic procedures with reduced port surgery. The large, 15mm port allows you to conduct many procedures as single port surgery, including morcellation of tumours.

Gas-tight valves
The instrument ports are fitted with new, extra-tight, duck-bill valves, allowing you to conduct procedures smoothly. Two insufflation/venting valves are fitted, allowing you to inflate the abdominal cavity for optimal single incision surgery.

Part of the LESS surgery system
The TriPort15 is part of Olympus’ LESS surgery system, a wide range of devices combined with an educational curriculum to help you incorporate near-scarless surgery into your daily practice.

Internal anchoring ring
The internal anchoring ring of the TriPort15 stays flush against the abdominal wall, allowing you almost immediate vision once the scope has passed through the incision.

Removal ribbon
An incorporated removal ribbon allows you to easily remove the device once you have completed your single port surgical procedure.

Ports2 x 5 mm
1 x 15 mm
with reducer cap15 to 5
Variable Incision Size12 - 25 mm

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