Underwater Flash: UFL-3

Function & Performance

This high-performance, compact underwater flash features a guide number of No.22 and a charging time of approximately 2 seconds for high-speed use. A dedicated diffuser is included for easy shooting in a wide variety of situations. Its small body, high output and short recycle time helps to shoot subjects stress-free.

  • Model number: UFL-3
  • Compatible camera: OM-D/PEN Lite/TG series, etc. (For details, please refer to the camera system chart.)
  • Size: 69 mm width, 19 mm height, 133 mm depth
  • Pressure resistant depth: 75m
  • Guide number: 31 (ISO200・m) and 22 (ISO100・m)
  • Main items included: Diffuser, O-ring, Silicone Grease

1. Diffuser UFLDP-4 (supplied)

This diffuser is used to increase the flash angle for wide angle shots, or to reduce light intensity for macro photography.

2. LED Target Light

This handy LED light can be used as fill-in light or for checking your surroundings. It turns Off when the flash is fired.
When used with Underwater White Balance and ISO Auto, this may be used as a light source.

3. Optical Fibre Cable Connectors

Use the PTCB-E02 Optical Fibre Cable to connect the flash to the underwater case.

4. YS Adaptor

For compatibility with YS Type mount (M8 Screws/12mm width)

5. Battery Cap

This battery cap is equipped with an explosion-proof valve, which is designed to prevent damage inside the flash caused by elevation of inner gas pressure generated from the battery in the event of water leakage.

6. Light Intensity Adjustment Dial

For use with manual flash. Intensity can be set on a scale of 1-10.

7. Indicator Lamp

This lamp indicates the flash status. When the flash is ready to fire, the lamp turns orange, and when TTL automatic light control is completed it turns green.

8. Mode Dial

- OFF: It is automatically turned OFF when no signal is received for 30 minutes.
- RC-A: Set to RC control A channel.
- RC-B: Set to RC control B channel.
- Manual: Set to manual flashing.

9. Target Light SW

This is a switch to turn the LED target light ON.

Olympus RC Flash System

Olympus RC Flash System is Olympus' proprietary wireless communication system that offers extremely high light control performance and various wireless flash photography modes. With this system, you can control flashes of 3 independent groups wirelessly from the camera with no need for an external commander. Unnecessary flash firing can be reduced and thus the power consumption of the camera and flash.

Left flash intensified by TTL automatic light control

Right flash intensified by TTL automatic light control

Underwater Wide Mode Exposure Compensation: -2.0EV

What Is OLYMPUS RC Flash System?


Underwater Flash Related Accessories


Underwater Optical Fiber Cable


This underwater optical fibre cable allows for the external flash to be controlled by the flash on the camera body.
* Two optical fibre cables are required when using 2 flash units.


Short Arm


A short arm for attaching underwater flashes to the accessory shoe of an underwater case.
This can be rotated for convenience.


Short Arm


This longer short arm should be used to attach underwater flashes to the housing when you require further angle than the PTSA-02. This can be attached directly to the PTBK-E01 Bracket.