Techniques to know

For intermediate

Underwater Macro Photography using an Underwater Macro Conversion Lens

For Diving
Underwater Macro Mode screen
For Diving
Hold on to the ocean floor or a rock with your left hand and stabilize the camera.

Use the Macro Lens, Macro Conversion Lens or on-camera Digital Teleconvertor to photograph magnified sea slugs, shrimp, crabs and coral polyps. For a zoom lens, set the lens to the most telephoto angle.
For the Macro Lens, set the Focus Limit Switch before entry for quick focusing.
For the Macro Conversion Lens, the objects distance becomes close, and the focus aligns only at a few centimetres from the front of the lens. Because the focus adjustment becomes delicate, it is difficult to photograph while swimming and in places where you cannot touch the bottom. Hold your body and the camera steady when taking pictures.

For DivingFor Diving

When using a Macro Conversion Lens, the focus aligns at a single point. This distance varies based on the type of macro conversion lens being used. It is a good idea to practice focusing on land beforehand.

Photography System

Photography System

The Digital Teleconverter is a built-in camera function, so it can be used promptly by configuring the setting.
As this is a frequently-used function, it is a good practice to assign this to the large button.
When the Digital Teleconverter is ON, it is displayed on the monitor.

Digital Teleconverter ON

Digital Teleconverter OFF