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CS131, Olympus, Accessories Audio Recording


Keep your recorder safe
  • Soft Case for utmost protection
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Reduces unwanted vibrations

CS131 Case

The design of the Olympus Soft Case (CS131) fits precisely with the VN‑PC series, LS‑3, and DM‑650/670 series, ensuring a maximum level of protection from general usage, wear and tear. It also has the useful side effect of reducing vibration noise when making recordings on surfaces such as tabletops.
Compatible with:
DM‑720 / DM‑770 / LS‑P1 / LS‑P4 / VN‑540PC / VN‑541PC / WS‑852 / WS‑853


  • Excellent level of protection
  • Tailor-made for snug fit
  • Reduces vibration noise

Compatible with

  • LS‑P1, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • VN‑711PC, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • VN‑711PC DNS, Olympus, Audio Recording

    VN‑711PC DNS

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