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WJ2, Olympus, Accessories Audio Recording


Reduce wind noises significantly
  • Microphone Windshield for LS‑P1/‑P2/‑P4 and DM‑720 / DM‑770
  • Reduces wind noise
  • Ideal for outdoor recordings

WJ2 Microphone Windshield

This microphone windshield was developed especially for the LS‑P1 / LS‑P2 and the DM‑720 / DM‑770 models to protect the built‑in microphones from howling and popping wind noises. It is a must for outdoor recordings in windy environments.
Compatible with:
DM‑650 / DM‑650 Conference Kit / DM‑670 / DM‑720 / DM‑770 / LS‑P1 / LS‑P2


  • Reduces wind noise of built-in microphones (for windy conditions or headwind)
  • Ideal for outdoor recordings

Compatible with

  • DM‑720, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • DM‑770, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • LS‑P1, Olympus, Audio Recording


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