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BR404, Olympus, Accessories Audio Recording


Always ready to record
  • AAA Ni‑MH rechargeable battery
  • Extra‑slow self‑discharge rate
  • High‑efficiency & long‑life

BR404 Rechargeable Ni‑MH battery

Having sufficient power for your audio device is always a crucial concern with voice recording. The BR404 rechargeable battery means you can forget about ever running out of power at the wrong moment again. Rechargeable and reliable, this battery is perhaps most notable for its incredibly low self‑discharge: If you were to fully charge it and leave it for a year, it would still have retained 90% of this charged power.


  • 2 Ni‑MH Rechargeable AAA batteries
  • 2.4V / 750mAh per two pieces
  • 1.2V / 750mAh per one piece
  • More than 1,000 times charging cycles
  • Extremely low memory effect

Compatible with

  • DM‑770, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • LS‑P1, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • VP‑10, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • WS‑853, Olympus, Audio Recording


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