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RS28H, Olympus, Accessories Professional Dictation
RS28H, Olympus, Accessories Professional Dictation
RS28H, Olympus, Accessories Professional Dictation
RS28H, Olympus, Accessories Professional Dictation


Hands free control in any application
  • Hands free player control with 3 pedals
  • Control any software* with your feet
  • Extreme high reliability and usability

RS28H USB Foot Pedal with 3 pedals

The foot pedal RS28H incorporates 3 buttons to easily control not only Olympus dictation management software (ODMS, DSS Player Standard, Sonority), but also your preferred third party software. This can be any transcription player or other application software, which can be controlled via keyboard shortcuts (e.g. “Ctrl + Alt + P” or “Alt + 1”) or multimedia keys (Scan Next Track, Stop, Play/Pause etc.). Just assign the desired command to the pedals with the free Olympus Foot Switch Configuration Tool. Once the pedals are configured according to your individual needs you will have your hands free to transcribe an audio file or for others things.


  • 3 pedals
  • Extremely durable and long USB cable (1.8m)
  • Perfect ergonomics for shoe sizes up to 45 (EUR)
  • HID keyboard mode (optional)
  • Keyboard shortcuts support (e.g. “Ctrl + Alt + P” or “Alt + 1”)


  • Multimedia keys support
  • Full compatibility with Olympus’ dictation management software
  • For hands free control of your transcription player
  • Easy control of transcription software (play, stop, rewind etc.)
  • Nonslip mat to keep it in place

*Note: software application must support keyboard commands to be controlled and operating system must support HID-Keyboard mode

Compatible with

  • CR10, Olympus, Accessories Professional Dictation

    CR10 Docking Station

  • CR15, Olympus, Accessories Professional Dictation

    CR15 Docking Station

  • CR21, Olympus, Accessories Professional Dictation

    CR21 Docking Station

  • DSS Player for MAC, Olympus, Transcription Software

    DSS Player for MAC

  • ODMS R7, Olympus, Transcription Software

    ODMS R7

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