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ME33, Olympus, Audio Recording
ME33, Olympus, Audio Recording
ME33, Olympus, Audio Recording
ME33, Olympus, Audio Recording
ME33, Olympus, Audio Recording


Record from a distance
  • Omni-directional microphone
  • Ideal for capturing conferences
  • Optimised for voice recording

ME33 Boundary Microphone

The ME33 is a powerful, omni-directional microphone that is purpose-built to record voices from a distance - even in the largest conference rooms. Combined with an Olympus professional voice recorder*, it consistently produces audio files in crystal-clear sound quality by automatically cutting extremely high- and low-frequency sounds.
It also gives you scalable recording power: By connecting up multiple ME33 microphones** using the bundled connector, it is also possible to produce a stereo sound version (with six units) or a monoaural version (with three units) of whatever you wish to record.

*Olympus Voice Recorder not included.
** Please note: ME33 microphone is sold individually.


  • Ideal solution for conferences
  • Superior sound quality
  • Purpose-built for voice captures
  • Stereo recording possible

Compatible with

  • DP‑311, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • VN‑711PC, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • VN‑711PC DNS, Olympus, Audio Recording

    VN‑711PC DNS

  • WS‑811, Olympus, Audio Recording


  • WS‑811 DNS, Olympus, Audio Recording

    WS‑811 DNS

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