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Olympus Sonority / DSS Player, Olympus, Dictaphone Software ; Audio Software , Audio Editing


Audio Management Software

Olympus Sonority / DSS Player PLUS Upgrade CD‑ROM

The Olympus Sonority / DSS Plus upgrade enhances the features of your Audio Management Software "Sonority" or the famous dictation management software "DSS Player".
Regardless which of the basic software you own, you now easily change your recorder menu settings via PC.

Sonority user enhance their system with Audio CD and MP3 creation.
Additionally a Music Editing Plug‑In can be purchased, by which you enable more than 20 advanced effect functions and multiple tracks.

DSS Player user get the editing features combining and deviding voice files. Furthermore you will be enabled to make seamless connections with optional voice recognition software, such as IBM ViaVoice for Windows or Dragon Naturally Speaking.


The basic Olympus Sonority software or DSS Player V6 or higher is required for this upgrade.

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