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Downloads for DSS Player for MAC

  • DSS Player for Mac

    Simple dictation management and audio transcription software for Mac OS. 

    Note: WiFi functionality of DS-9500 not supported.



    Software Update Version 7.7.4

    (For licenses that start with 826.)

    Fixes and improvements: 

    Support for MacOS 11.0 (Big Sur) has been added 

    Under certain conditions, DSS Player for Mac would not accept the license key, this has been resolved 

    It is now possible to confirm whether device encryption has been enabled 

    Resolved an issue whereby pressing the Stop button on a RecMic would not stop Direct Recording 

    DSS Player for Mac would crash when playing MP3 files, this issue has been resolved 


    Release notes of previous software updates



    Release note Version 7.7.3

    MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) support 



    Release notes Version 7.7.2

    Fixed issues: 

    Playback or stop the file repeatedly when Noise Cancellation or Tone Control function are active, may generate loud noise or may become muted. 

    Playback of a file may start with a delay when you control from a footswitch. 

    DSS Player does not properly playback DSS files created by recorders from a third party manufacture. 



    Release notes Version 7.7.1

    The following phenomenon occured with the combination of MacBook Air (OS 10.14) and DSS Player V7.7.0: 

    During playback of the file, playback is terminated as it is on the playback screen by inserting and removing the external headphones 

    While playing back a file, switching the output from the speaker to the headphone causes the playback screen to be forcibly terminated. 



    Release notes Version 7.7.0

    64 bit migration 

    MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) support 


    Release note Version 7.6

    (Released August 2018)

    Now supporting new DS-Series: DS-2600, DS-9000, DS-9500 (without WiFi functionality) 

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