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Downloads for DVR.Remote

  • DVR.Remote App for LS-P5

    The OM SYSTEM Smartphone Control App

    Paired with the LS-P5 Hi-Res Audio Recorder, the OM SYSTEM DVR Remote smartphone app takes audio capture to the next level. With this app, you have complete control over the main functions of the LS-P5 from a distance up to 10m/32ft. 

    Using Bluetooth® connectivity, smartphones can: 

    Start and stop recording 

    Start and stop playback 

    Change settings 

    Add index marks 

    The recorder is able to connect to smartphone and audio device e.g. Bluetooth Headphones simultaneously. 

    You can control the recorder from a smartphone with DVR.Remote app and at the same time you can monitor your recordings wirelessly with Bluetooth Headphones. 


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