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Downloads for LS-100

  • 09/15/2015

    Firmware update Version 1.40

    1. Support the "PCM Recorder Link" function newly available in the OM-D.  

    About the "PCM Recorder Link" function:  

    You can achieve high quality sound recording by connecting the PCM Recorder and the OM-D cameras with an audio cable for video shooting. By additionally connecting the recorder and the camera with a bundled USB cable, the function synchronizes the recording between the recorder and the camera. 

    Supported Devices: 

    PCM Recorder : LS-100 

    Mirrorless System Camera : E-M1, E-M5 Mark II (Requires OM-D with the latest firmware) 

    2. Improves stability 



    Firmware update Version 1.30

    1. Adds the Slate Tone function.  

    2. Improves the system stability. 



    Voice guidance Version 1.20

    This software is updating the voice guidance files. 

    You can change the voice guidance files to each language. 

    To change the voice guidance you can downlad the application and instructions. 

    Customers who have updated the firmware to version 1.20 or newer, please update the voice guidance as well. 

  • From ver. 1.11 to ver. 1.20

    • Rec monitor sound will come through both R and L channel while recording in the Multi-track mode.
    • Erasing a track file with the delete button has become available in the Multi-track screen.
    • Displays the file length of a overdubbed file instead of remaining time in the Overdub or Play Sync mode.
    • The starting point of a new recording is synchronized with a metronome beat in the Multi-truck mode.
    • "File divide" has become available while recording in the Recorder mode.
    • Added three options in the metronome beat setting menu.
    • Added two options in the metronome sound setting.
    • Rec level for the built-in microphone is automatically set to an optimal level in the Tuner and Lissajous mode.

    * The instruction manual has been updated with this firmware release.

    From ver. 1.10 to ver. 1.11

    • Improves the accuracy of the recording level meter under the Multi-Track mode when XLR microphones are used.

    From ver. 1.00 to ver. 1.10

    • Improves the latency of the Rec Monitor.
    • Adds the capability that allows the recorder to start recording and playing back simultaneously when the REC or PLAY button is pressed during Recording pause in Multi-Track mode.
    • Adds the capability to pause playback in Multi-Track mode.
    • Fixes the problem of the recorder displaying a wrong remaining time when it continues recording for a long time.
    • Fixes the problem of that Solo function may not be set properly in Multi-Track mode.
    • Fixes the problem of the recorder saving an incorrect "create date and time" when a 64GB SDXC card is used.
    • Adds the capability to start recording when the REC button on the remote controller is presses only one time.
    • Changes the setting not to turn off LCD when the recorder runs in Metronome mode, Tuner mode, Lissajous mode, Menu mode, or when it is connected to PC.
    • Improves the system stability.

  • 01/01/2000

    Update firmware instruction

    How to check the recorder's firmware version

    To check the firmware version of LS-100, do the following:

    1. From the Home display, press the [MENU] button.

    2. Press the Right Arrow button repeatedly to select the Device Menu, which is represented by an icon of a wrench and a hammer.

    3. Press the [-] button repeatedly to select System Info, and then press [OK].

    This screen will display the model number, firmware version and serial number of the recorder.

    General precautions

    Read the following precautions before starting to update the recorder firmware.

    - Backup the files in the recorder before running the update program.

    - This firmware update program is only for use with the Olympus LS-100 digital recorder.

    - Never turn off power to the computer while the firmware update program is running.

    - Never turn off power to the recorder or disconnect the USB cable while the firmware update program is running.

    Installation Instructions

    To update the firmware or voice guidance of LS-100, do the following:

    1. Download the update file.

    2. Connect the recorder to a computer running a supported operating system using the USB cable packaged with the recorder and wait until the recorder LCD displays "Remote".

    3. Close all programs running on the computer.

    4. Doubleclick the update file to begin the update.

    5. Follow the on-screen prompts.

    6. When the update is complete, wait until the recorder LCD displays "Remote" and then disconnect the recorder.

    7. Verify that the firmware version has changed to the new version number.

  • Instruction Manual